Refer A Friend

It is always much more fun to workout with your friends and family, so why not help them get fit for life and have fun doing it? Help us share the CrossFit 718 love for fitness, and your friend save money! If you have a friend that is interested in trying out a CrossFit, have them join you in any of our Conditioning classes.  They get one FREE class during the entire month of September. Just please make sure they register online and reserve their spot.

As an Added bonus; tell your friend that if they mention your name, they will get $50 off their first month if they join in the basics in September!

Steps You Can Take

Step 1Find a friend or family member who might be interested in joining our community.
Step 2Have them register for an upcoming FREE class (Tuesday @ 7:00 PM or Saturday @ 11:00 AM).
Click here to register
Step 3Join them in the class they selected.
Step 4Have a GREAT time and show them around!

This promotion expires in: