Coach Bailey



  • Bachelors in Dance
  • Bachelors in Therapeutic Recreation
  • CrossFit Level One

My athletic career growing up consisted of T-ball, 6 weeks of gymnastics, and a season of soccer which, according to my mother, I mostly spent sitting on the field scraping the chalk off of the grass. So when I was living in Buffalo in 2010 and a friend conned me into trying CrossFit, I was skeptical to say the least! I majored in dance in college and have been a dancer since I was 4- I have always enjoyed being active but this was a different scene- weightlifting, pull ups, rope climbing- I was intimidated and I thought there was no way I would ever be into it. Within a week I was hooked, and 2 ½ years later I am a CrossFit addict and I can’t imagine my life without it- I want to be snatching when I’m 90! I am continuously humbled by workouts, and at the same time I continue to take immense pride in every PR, new skill and every time I get through a WOD that leaves me flat on my butt gasping for air.When I moved to Brooklyn for grad school in Dance/Movement Therapy at Pratt in 2011, I knew I needed to find a CrossFit community here. I quickly found 718, met Iz and Tammy and the awesome group of people there and immediately felt at home.Moving forward I’m beyond excited to develop and hone my skills as a trainer. In addition, I’m interested in exploring the use of CrossFit with special populations in my work as Dance Therapist, particularly with individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities. I love the way CrossFit can empower people and challenge us to achieve things we didn’t know we were capable of doing, and I am excited to help other people discover this feeling and achieve their health and fitness goals!