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Mobilizing for the Open

By: Jenessa Connor  With the Open less than a month away, things are getting a little serious around the box. We’re all paying a bit more attention to movement standards and confronting our GOATs head-on. We’re taking the time to fine-tune…

The Power Snatch

By: Reuben Pearlman There are few things that CrossFitters get as excited about as hitting a PR on their snatch. As strength legend Bill Starr explains, “The full snatch is one of the most complicated movements in all of sports. An athlete…

How to Survive a Wellness Challenge

By: Jenessa Connor Today is day one of the 718 Wellness Challenge, and we’re all feeling pretty motivated to kick some ass. Not to be a downer, but it’s easy to feel superhuman on the first day of anything. You’re in the honeymoon…

Double Unders: A How-To

By: Reuben Pearlman A Double Under (or “DU” in CrossFit circles) is performed with a jump rope, with the rope swinging twice under your feet for each jump. That’s a deceptively simple explanation, so I offer you this definition from…
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progress & growth

In an effort to continually grow and improve CrossFit 718, Israel and I have recently made some changes and additions to the box and our programming. In case you missed it, here’s what’s new.  Leaderboards. They’re up! We’re displaying…

T2B: Toes To Bar

By: Reuben Pearlman T2B, or Toes to Bar, is an essential CrossFit movement. It is classified as a gymnastics movement, which I discussed briefly in last month’s article on the Muscle Up. Although T2B is fundamentally a simpler movement…

WOD Tracking

Brush Your Teeth. Wash Your Hands. Track Your WODs. By: Jenessa Connor Regular WOD tracking is nonnegotiable. If you’re not recording the details of your work at the box, you’re ignoring one of the key components of CrossFit and getting…

Muscle-Up, Brooklyn

By: Reuben Pearlman CrossFit uses the term “gymnastics” not only to include the traditional competitive sport but all activities where the aim is body control. It is within this realm of activities that athletes can develop extraordinary…

August 2015: Athlete Newsletter

WOD for the Road By: Jenessa Connor Vacations are great and work trips are unavoidable, but it’s tough to be away from the box for an extended period of time. We all worry about losing ground on lifts and missing our favorite benchmark…