Its official; we are having a partner throwdown

We are setting up a FUN in-house only event. A Partner WOD that will get everyone involved! Get your partner, come up with a bad ass team name. Don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit.. Teams of 2,  MM/ FF or / MF

We are looking to get everyone involved. Grab a beginner, grab a coach, get someone from the Comp Team and dont forget your friends from Weightlifting. Let’s WOD out and hang out, celebrate the holidays together.

This event is only for bragging rights, there will be no winners.

Who:Our CrossFit 718 Community.
What:Teams of 2 (MM) (FF or (MF)); We are going to program 2 WODs that will be user friendly and super fun. Don’t worry about the minimum requirements, all you have to do is work hard.
Where:CrossFit 718
When:Sunday, December 17th. Arrive early heats start at 11:00am
Cost:NO Additional Cost.. Register for the class on Wodify to let us know your coming
Why:To have a GREAT time with our friends in our 718 COMMUNITY!

Get on social media and please hashtag #CF718CivilWar #CF718classofclasses #CF718Strong