If your questions have not been answered while visiting our site, perhaps you might find the answers you seek below. If not, contact us we are always happy to help.

What is WOD?

The WOD stands for “Workout of the Day.”

What is class structure like?

Our Coaches direct the class through each component of the WOD.

Classes are capped at 14.

Do I have to register for class?


Online reservations help us make sure classes aren’t over crowded.

When do you offer The Basics Class?

We offer The Basics on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8pm.

A series of 8 classes held over the course of 4 weeks

The Basics is a ongoing program, you can jump into the Basics at anytime. After completing 8 session you can graduate to the WODs.

You can pick up a membership and sign up for the Basics right away.

Contact us with questions.

What if I cannot attend The Basics class series due to my schedule?

Not to worry,

You can do The Basics 1 on 1.  Schedule sessions at your convenience.

For $250 = 4 Basics sessions + 8 regular classes.

Email us to get on the schedule right away.

I want to compete in the CrossFit Games, Can you help me get there?


But contact us to discuss the level of commitment it requires from you.

We offer a free consultation for serious Athletes.

I’m really fit and would like to skip The Basics program and jump right into the WOD classes, Can I do that?

This depends on your experience with the major lifts that we do.

If you have experience cycling a barbell with good form; Yes! Skip the Basics.

If not, we suggest getting into that Basics Course.. It’s important, and it doesn’t hurt.

  • We go over several lifts
  • We discuss movement standards and rage of motion.
  • You’ll learn your way around the gym
  • You’ll learn how to read, understand & track a workout
  • plus more

Do you offer Personal Training?

Yes, we offer Personal Training.

Contact us to learn about rates.

Do we offer Open Gym?

Members who have more than 1 year experience with us can request for access to our limited Open Gym hours.  (schedule)

Open Bar as we call it, is generally to make up a missed class or to work on personal goals.

I’m visiting, How can I schedule a drop in?

We welcome traveling CrossFitters.

Visitors can drop into our WOD Classes.

Let us know you are coming, please register online.

How do I get to the gym by public transportation?

Take the R train to 25th Street in Brooklyn

The B37 bus leaves you right on 26th Street and 3rd Avenue

Uber  😉

How’s the parking situation?

Early mornings, after 4pm, and on the weekends, there is public street parking everywhere.

It’s Midday that you’ll have to work around NYC Street Cleaning rules.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movement. We recommend a flat sneaker that doesn’t have soft wedges or big bubbles.

Dress appropriately for the weather; we run outdoors. Layers are good.

Wear long socks or long pants if a workout calls for rope climbs.