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CrossFit WOD

Level: All levels (Scale up or down based on abilities)

Workout of the Day


The workout of the day (WOD) classes are for athletes that aren’t looking to specialize in any particular area. It is generally for athletes that are looking for a more well rounded fitness, with no routines.

Independent Design Program

Level: All levels (Scale up or down based on abilities)

Independent Design Program


Looking to reach your goals with a program that is designed JUST FOR YOU? Try our ID Program. Tis program us to program workouts that are specifically tailored to your goals. With the unlimited membership combined with th ID program, you can come train anytime of the day.


Level: All levels (Scale up or down based on abilities)



Our Conditioning class is designed to be a user friendly/ low tech workout. that will keep you going for 60 minutes. The intensity level is high.


Official USA Weightlifting Club, Brooklyn Strength and Conditioning aka BSC Barbell.



The focus will be on the classical lifts, Clean, Jerk, and the Snatch. In addition accessory work to correct imbalances or to strengthen weaknesses will be prescribed on an individual basis.

USAW Club # 6028

The Basics

Level: New and Inexperienced Members

Intro to CrossFit

The Basics

The Basics is an introduction to CrossFit. We will teach you the fundamentals in a series of 4 sessions over the course of two weeks.

Can’t make the class? Want to get through the series a little faster? Schedule 1-on-1 sessions at your convenience.

Personal Training

Level: All levels (Scale up or down based on abilities)

1-on-1 Training

personal training

Personal training is individualized to address the specific needs of the athlete. Our experienced coaching staff will assess your current level of fitness, evaluate your short and long term goals and develop a program designed to help you reach your goals safely and efficiently. One on one training can be geared towards: Getting you ready for classes, sports, a wedding, a marathon or obstacle course race, a CrossFit competition, mobility or a specific technique or movement.

CrossFit Kids

Level: For children

CrossFit for Kids

crossfit kids

CrossFit Kids is a strength and conditioning program that is specifically designed for kids to develop a lifelong love of fitness. The workouts consist of constantly varied, functional movements that deliver a fitness that is broad, inclusive and general and scaleable for any participant at any level. The functional movements involve exercises that are fundamental to all things that kids need to do when they play-pull, push, run, throw, climb, lift and jump. All of the movements are taught safely and effectively under the close supervision of thoroughly trained CrossFit Kids Trainers.


How much experience do I need to take WOD classes?

Unexperienced Athletes must complete “The Basics” series before jumping into our regular WOD classes.

Athletes transferring from another Box must have completed an on ramp/ foundations series or over 30 days of CrossFit experience.

Our classes are a mix of all skill levels, workouts can be scaled as needed.

Can I just jump into Conditioning class?

Yes, anyone at any skill level is welcomed to jump into conditioning class. The Basics isn’t a requirement (But it wouldn’t hurt)

Anyone looking to get into shape really fast as well as get into a new routine should start with Conditioning.

Classes are offered Tuesday & Thursday at 7am & 7pm + Saturdays at 11am.

How long is your Weightlifting cycle?

Our Weightlifting cycle runs for 12 weeks at a time. Athletes looking to improve their technique on the major lifts are encouraged to commit to the program. It takes time to make adaptations, for best results we recommend a 4-12 week commitment.

You can jump into the cycle anytime.

Our 90 minute Weightlifting classes are offered at..

  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday 4:30 & 7:30 PM
  • Saturdays at 11am

What does my Unlimited membership include?

Athletes with an Unlimited membership are welcome to join our

  • WOD Classes
  • Conditioning Classes
  • Weightlifting Classes
  • All of our Workshops at NO additional charge

When do you offer the Basics?

We offer The Basics on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8pm.

A series of 8 classes held over the course of 4 weeks

The Basics is a ongoing program, you can jump into the Basics at anytime. After completing 8 session you can graduate to the WODs.

You can pick up a membership and sign up for the Basics right away.

Contact us with questions.

What if I cannot attend the basics class schedule due to my schedule?

Not to worry,

You can do The Basics 1 on 1.  Schedule sessions at your convenience.

For $250 = 4 Basics sessions + 8 regular classes.

Email us to get on the schedule right away.

I’m interested in personal training, how do I get started?

We offer a free consultation to Athletes looking to start Personal Training.

Email us to get on the schedule. info@crossfit718.com

Can my child try out the CrossFit Kids Class?

The first CrossFit Kids Class is FREE

We want to make sure that this is the right place for your family. Contact us and let us know you want to come in for a visit.