Community is a staple in our fitness philosophy at CrossFit 718. Not only do our members enjoy semi-annual, intra-gym competitions; but they also enjoy community events such as rooftop BBQ’s, Holiday Parties, beach/field day, and much more!

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No Class Next Sunday March 28th!

If we get enough of a response from the mass text we will add a 7:45pm class.  I will be attending a 2 day Kettle Bell certification. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Post WorkOut Observations 3/21/10

Mission Impossible Legs and Lung's 5k? Well, after last nights festivities it was very difficult to motivate myself to get up this morning.  I found my inspiration by thinking about the disappointment my absence would cause the team and I…

LOE 3/21/10

5K Challenge Warm UP- Dynamic/Static Flexibility Jog 5 minutes- 200 Walking Lunges Jog 10 minutes- 150 Air Squat Jog 15 minutes- 100 Sit UPs Jog 10 minutes- 75 Push UPs 25 Pull UPs- Jog 5 minutes Cool Down- Static/Dynamic Stretches

Happy Birthday Coach

Surprise!! Thank you everyone for the festivities last night... good money. You guys are the best I had mad fun and was still able to run with the class at 11am. Eddie no more shots please I'm good:X LOL. That was the best Birthday in…

Post WorkOut Observations 3/19/10

Cardio Core & More... Friday nights workout was challenging for us humans.  Jodi aka The Machine got through five rounds without breaking a sweat (ok maybe a little sweat) and maintained pretty good form throughout finishing strong with…

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LOE 3/19/10

Jerk as many rounds? Warm UP- Static and Dynamic Flexibility 3X3 Rope 1 minutes rest after each round Chipper- As Many Rounds in 20 minutes 20 reps each K.B. 2 Arm High Pull (M;16kg/F;12kg) Hollow Rocks Super Mans V-UP's Candle Stick…

St. Patricks Day !!

BK Fit Factory wishes everyone a Happy St. Patty’s Day!! Please Drink Responsibly!!

Post Work Out Observations 3/14/10

PR's Abound Welcome aboard to our silent partner Raphael. Today we played with the GHD after some Cleaning. First up was Bob, who is really showing some improvement in flexibility and technique.  I like the fact that no matter what we throw…

LOE 3/14/10

Fun with a GHD Warm up Dynamic Flexibility/Static Stretch 20 Seconds each X5 Rounds -Burpees/Jump Lunges/Air Squat/SuperMan Power Clean 75% 1RM 3X5 (lvl 1 sets across lvl 2 Max effort) Circuit 1- 21/15/9 each GHD- Sit UP K.B. Swing- 1.5…

Post WorkOut Observations 3/12/10

Chatter, Silence & Cheers Let me start off by extending a heart-felt welcome to Max and Ben All I can say about last nights class was WOW!  It was so much fun watching the team cheer each other on and I feel privileged to have been a part…

LOE 3/12/10

5 Rounds of Pain:) Warm UP- Static and Dynamic flexibility Rope 3X3 1 minute AMRAP  X5 Rounds -Box Jump -Thruster (M;65lbs/F;45lbs) -V-UP -Dead Lift (M;95lbs/F;65lbs) -1 minute rest PVC- dislocates/ around the world/ good morning w/rotation Burgener…

Athletes in Action 3/7/2010

We're back Baby; Back Outside that is = )

Post WorkOut Observations 3/7/10

Bags and Bells Great class today.  Welcome aboard to our newest member AE. We met at Prospect Park today as the weather was pretty sweet.  First up was Su who was flying solo today.  She had already warmed up prior to me getting there narrowly…

LOE 3/7/10

LOE 3/7/10 Kettle Bag? Dynamic Flexability  Static Streches for Hamstrings Shoulders and Lower Back 1 min each of the following (rest as needed-) Jumping Jacks, Jump Lunges, Ice skaters, Jump Squats, Burpees, Sit Throughs, Mountain Climbers,…

Post WorkOut Observations 2/28/10

Filthy Gorilla Well Today's workouts produced lot's of smiles.  The athletes worked really hard and had a great time doing it. First up Ricardo and EdK did, 3 min Jump rope followed by 21-15-9 Gorilla Cleans 16kg and Burpees couplet, then 3…

All classes are cancelled due to weather.

2/26/10 Classes are cancelled. We will do CF Filthy Fifty on sunday 11am. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and ask that you adjust your schedules accordingly.