Community is a staple in our fitness philosophy at CrossFit 718. Not only do our members enjoy semi-annual, intra-gym competitions; but they also enjoy community events such as rooftop BBQ’s, Holiday Parties, beach/field day, and much more!

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LOE 7/16/10

LOE 7/16/10 Warm UP- Dynamic and Static Flexibility Double Under Practice 3 minutes Power Clean-Thruster (75% 1rm) 5 each X5 Double Under Practice 3 minutes Circuit- 30 seconds each X 3 Sled Row (M;70lbs/F;45lbs)- S.B. Shuttle Run 45lbs-…

Observations 7/11/10

13 rounds in twenty minutes seemed to be the lucky # today on the couplet:)

LOE 7/11/10

Warm Up - Dynamic Flexability SB Sprints-  (20 seconds on 30 seconds off) AMRAP in 20 minutes - 8 Dead Lift - 6 Clean SB Shuttle run -(20 seconds on 30 seconds off) 20 - DB Snatch / Windmill Cool Down - Static Stretches

Observations 7/8 & 7/9

Way to go Jules!! You guys looked real solid tonight. Angelica Pr'd on The Presses strict lockout 65lbs.  Raymond had the fastest time on the chipper with 5 rounds in 10:14.

LOE 7/8/10

Jump Slam Swing Warm UP- Dynamic and Static Flexibility Jump Rope 3 minutes 3X3 Max Effort Press/Push Press/Split Jerk Jump Rope 3 minutes 5 rounds for time of 20 Sit UP/10 Push UP/20 K.B. Swing/10 Box Jump Jump Rope 3 minutes Slam…

Observations 7/2/10

Strong Like Bull!! Corey getting it done.

LOE 7/2/10

LOE 7/2/10 Warm UP- Dynamic and Static Flexibility Rope 3 minutes 5 each X 3 rounds for 20 meters K.B. Waiters Walk- (M;16kg/F;8kg) 30 WallBall- (M;20lbs/F;12lbs) Bar Farmers Walk - (M;75lbs/F;45lbs each bar) Rope 3 minutes 30 seconds…

Happy 4th of July Brooklyn!!!

Celebrate Americas independence responsibly. Have a happy and safe Fourth of July.

Opening Day Line UP!

Muchas Gracias to everyone who managed to drop in for the work out and post work out festivities. Opening Day LOE 7/1/10- AMRAP in 15 minutes of 5 Burpees/10 Thrusters (M;75lbs/F;45lbs) 20 Sit UPs

LOE 6/25/10

LOE 6/25/10 Warm UP- Dynamic and Static Flexibility 20 second sprints followed by 20 seconds rest X 5 rounds 4 rounds for time of Power Snatch- 3 reps/OHS- 5 reps/Land Mine- 10 reps/Bent Row- 12 reps 20 seconds sprint followed by 20 seconds…

LOE 6/20/10

LOE 6/20/10 Warm UP- Dynamic and Static Flexibility Rope 3 minutes 3 X 3 each (Lvl 1 sets across/Lvl 2 Max Effort) Clean/Hang Clean/Power Clean/Hang Power Clean Box Jump Tabata 3 rounds for time 10 Burpees 10 Forward Rolls 20 1 Leg…

Post WorkOut Observations 6/18/10

Ladies Night!!! Good form Sara:)

LOE 6/18/10

6/18/10 Warm UP- Dynamic and Static Flexibility Run 3  minutes - O.H. Walking Lunges M.B. Clean Tabata 30 secconds each X 2 rounds K.B. Swing/Sling Shot/Figure 8/Figure 8-hold Run 3 minutes - O.H. Walking Lunges Wall Ball Tabata 30…

Save the Date 7/01/2010

You are cordially invited to the Grand Opening of Brooklyn Fitness Factory July 1st. Come on down for a light work out at 6:30pm (optional) and stay for refreshments afterwards. We are located at 366 7th Avenue, Park Slope Brooklyn. We look…

Post WorkOut Observations 6/13/10

Low Tech! Good Work all around on the DeadLift/Thruster couplet!

LOE 6/13/10

Flip'n good time Warm UP- Dynamic and Static Flexibility Jump Rope 3 minutes Alternating Ladder- Dead Lift 10-1 /K.B. Thruster 1-10 Jump Rope 3 minutes Circuit- 30 seconds each X 4 Rounds Row Erg/Tire Flip/Undulating Rope/Land Mine Jump…

Post WorkOut Observations 6/11/10

Excellent Work on Friday! Good group nice weather BIG Effort!

LOE 6/11/10

Out Side WarmUp- Dynamic and Static Flexability S.B. Hill Run 3 minutes moderate intensity 30 seconds each X 6 rounds- K.B. High Pull/Burpee/Jack Knife Rest 30 seconds after each round S.B. Hill Run 3 minutes High intensity S.B. Over Head…

Post WorkOut Observations 6/6/10

Great job by all athletes today. Welcome aboard to Rumbi. If you have soreness in the next day or two make sure you actively stretch and foam roll. Great job today I will see you guys on Friday.

LOE 6/6/10

Were Back! Warm UP- Dynamic Flexibility Rope 3 minutes K.B. Snatch-WindMill (Press-WindMill) 5 each X 5 rounds Rope 3 minutes 3 Rounds for time- K.B. Bent Row- 10 each Push UP- 20 each Rotational Flutter Kick- 20 each alternating Rope…