WOD 01/03/11

50 Air Squats for time + Sumo Stretch 30 seconds + Instep Stretch 30 seconds each Squat- 3/3/3/3/3 5 RFT of: 5 Squat (Heavy but doable) 15 Knees to Elbows Tabata- Double Unders 3 RFT of Row 250M Max Effort Plank Max Effort 30 seconds rest…

Push, Press, Hold!

WOD 11/01/10 Push Press 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 Hold each lift at the top for 30 - 60 seconds "Brooklyn 'Tabernac' Choir of Pain" 50 feet overhead lunges 45lbs/25lbs 10 burpees 10 pike pushups Post weight and time to comments. Courtesy of CrossFit…

Helping Hands Food Pantry Fun Run/Walk/Bike

Sign up for the 5k Fun Run/Walk/Bike in Prospect Park Saturday, November 20th at 11am. The Helping Hands Food Pantry, provides emergency food to needy people in our community.  They serve over 600 community members each month.  This Fun Event…

LOE 10/19/10

Warm Up - 1 Rounds x 2 Minutes each Row Erg/ Versa Climber/ Jump Rope/Undulating Rope Patterns Max Effort- Front Squat  5x3/3x3/1x3 AMRAP - 5 Minutes 20 Gorilla Cleans/ 30 Flutter Kicks/ 10 Push Press

10/8/10 Stats

Congratulations on your NEW Personal Records!! Your records will be recorded in this order: SB Run/Dead Lift Max Effort/Met Con total rounds/SB Run Carrie;   3:24/ 95lbs / 6 / 3:32 Meredith; 3:24 / 95lbs / 6 / 3:36 Cory;  2:54 / 265lbs…

Announcing our NEW Cross Training Camp

Hey everyone, your requests have been answered!! We have added a NEW Class to the schedule Tuesday nights at 7pm!!! Click Here To sign up

Obeservations 9/9

Technical Turkish Get Ups !! Related Articles Benefits of Exercise to Help With Depression ( 10 Reasons to Exercise Even if You're Skinny (

Observations 9/3 & 9/5

Lots of Action this week, great job guys!!! Related Articles Three Great Exercises to Give You the Fighter's Edge ( Omega-3s and Fish: Facts on DHA and EPA in Fish (

Results for Battle of Brooklyn

Results are in we finished 5th with the men's team coming in at 1 hour 17 minutes and 46th with the women's team coming in at         1 hour 38 minutes. Raymond ran the entire thing solo and finished up 235th at 1 hour and 28 minutes.…

LOE 8/15/10

LOE 8/15/10 Warm up : Dynamic and Static Flexibility - Jump Rope 3 minutes 5 x 5 : Clean / Front Squat - Jump Rope 3 minutes 100 Push Ups : 200 Sit Ups : 300 Air Squats - Jump Rope 3 minutes 30 Seconds each for 5 Rounds : Rope Undulation…

Observations for 8/10

Zoe your gonna do great at B-Ball!  Good Luck this season !!

Observations 7/16/10

The ladies were kicking ass all night. Strong Men and Women training at BFF is always Fun:) Su shy's away from the camera.