WOD 6/24/14

8 Minutes of Hip/Shoulder/Wrist Mobility A- WU- 1 RNFT of: 250M Row/10 GHD Sit Up/10 GHD Hip Extension/10 Strict Chin Up/10 Each Walking Lunges/200M Run -6 Minute Notes: Scale GHD Sit Up with a partial range of motion/ Sub GHD Sit Up with…

WOD 7/26/13

8 Minutes of Wrist/Shoulder/Hip/Back/Ankle Mobility A- WU- 3 Minute Row @ 90% + 400M Run @ 90% B- Sumo DeadLift- 10 Minutes To A Heavy Single C- Diane= 21/15/9 RFT of: DeadLift (225/155)/HSPU D- For Time- 50 Burpee Broad Jump

WOD 12/14/12 C

10 Minutes Back/ Shoulder/ Hip Mobility WU- 1K Row or Run @ 70-80% Power Clean- 5 Minutes Warm Up to 80%/2/2/2/2/2 @ 80%; 1 Minute Rest Between Efforts (15 Minute Cap) Diane= 21/15/9 RFT of: DeadLift (225/155)/HSPU (Focus on staying…