Observations 9/30

Great Team Work!! I love the enthusiasm ladies !!

Observations 9/17

Welcome to the Team Eddie!! Great work guys!!

Obeservations 9/9

Technical Turkish Get Ups !! Related Articles Benefits of Exercise to Help With Depression ( 10 Reasons to Exercise Even if You're Skinny (

Observations 9/3 & 9/5

Lots of Action this week, great job guys!!! Related Articles Three Great Exercises to Give You the Fighter's Edge ( Omega-3s and Fish: Facts on DHA and EPA in Fish (

Observations for 8/10

Zoe your gonna do great at B-Ball!  Good Luck this season !!

Observations 7/29 & 8/1

Chrystie Crawl   Assisted Pistols Walking Lunges  Dead Lift

Observations 7/25

Hands up for Jason!!                  Great job Karin who PR'ed on DeadLift!!

Bob Solo 4/8/10

Bob and I having fun at the Playground around my house:)