WOD 5/6/11

"ZOMBIE ESCAPE" 1 min each station then 90 seconds rest X 3 rounds for reps: a. 12/18/24/32" Box Jumps b. Sled rope Pull/Sled Push (Body Weight) c. Tire Flip (L/M/S) d. Rope Climb e. Wall Climb f. SandBag Shuttle 

Observations for 8/10

Zoe your gonna do great at B-Ball!  Good Luck this season !!

LOE 7/2/10

LOE 7/2/10 Warm UP- Dynamic and Static Flexibility Rope 3 minutes 5 each X 3 rounds for 20 meters K.B. Waiters Walk- (M;16kg/F;8kg) 30 WallBall- (M;20lbs/F;12lbs) Bar Farmers Walk - (M;75lbs/F;45lbs each bar) Rope 3 minutes 30 seconds…

LOE 6/13/10

Flip'n good time Warm UP- Dynamic and Static Flexibility Jump Rope 3 minutes Alternating Ladder- Dead Lift 10-1 /K.B. Thruster 1-10 Jump Rope 3 minutes Circuit- 30 seconds each X 4 Rounds Row Erg/Tire Flip/Undulating Rope/Land Mine Jump…