Mobility WOD Tonight at 5pm

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Saturday 10/15/11  @ 11:30am.  Reserve your spot today!!


New Basics Cycle Starts tonight @ 8pm.. 

WOD 10/13/11

Photo by Chris V.

Warm Up: Coaches Choice

Tabata- Double Unders

Death By Push Up– 1 push up the first minute/2 push ups the second minute/continue in this fashion until unable to complete # of push ups in given amount of time. 20 minute cap for this portion of the work out.

Turkish Get Up– 5 rounds of 3 reps each arm (max effort) Kettlebell or Barbell.

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  1. Coach TamBot
    Coach TamBot says:

    Good Morning my friends.. Some of you have been asking about some missing faces around the Box.. Here is a quick Update:

    Freddy- I mentioned he was hit by a car, but he is in good spirits and on his way to speedy recovery.. Let us hope that he doesnt get hit with a Desk assignment at work

    Luann – Just Ran a Half Marathon!! But is having Knee pain..She is gearing up to hit the NYC Marathon in Nov.. We will see her soon 🙂

    Jimmy- Travels a lot for work.. We hope you come back soon

    Bryan with a Y – Changed his schedule for now, but we hope he gets back to the Box soon

    Karen TTTTang – Just got out of surgery on her shoulder and is begining a six week stretch of rest. PALEO, PaleO, paleo!!

    R2/ Jamie/Hobs/Ben – we all know they are in the begining of thier Rugby Season – Wish you luck ladies and Gent, but you are missed around the BOX!!

  2. Coach TamBot
    Coach TamBot says:

    WOD: Death By Push Ups – 15 Rounds

    TGU’s: BarBell 3/3/3 – 15/20/25

    Mobility was awesome!! I will be there next week 🙂

    Thanks Honey.

    Thanks Marina for Inspiring Coach.

  3. Jcoca
    Jcoca says:

    Must admit…… The vibes were great, the company was better and the mobility class was YOGA on steroids!!!!! This mobility class was a MUST!

    Great job putting that together….. I felt real brand new after that… Not to mention that the beverage of choice was on point as well!!!! Can’t wait for the next one!

  4. Steven S
    Steven S says:

    Mobility Wod was AWESOME!! Made me realize how important stretching is…… Lieutenant your double unders are great, very impressive………. On a side note. Can everyone stop lol-ing and lmao-ing at Corey’s jokes on the blog. Hes like a gremlin and you are feeding him after midnight and pouring water on him. WE WILL HAVE A MONSTER ON OUR HANDS POPLE!!! Great class tonight. Thank You.

  5. Matt
    Matt says:

    Tonights WOD : nachos, wings, chicken sandwich, fries, 4 beers, 1 Milano cookie. The guilt has set in.


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