20111217-002519.jpgTabata- Double Unders

5 min Hip/Shoulder Mobility

Power Clean– 3/3/3/3/3 (50-90% 1RM)

Front Squat– 2/2/2 (Max Effort)

9 min AMRAP of: 30 Russian KettleBell Swing(16/24kg)/10 each Pistols/1 Rope Climb

If Time Permits- 3-5 min each practice- 3 each Hanging Ring Extensions

3-5 min practice- 3 each Ring Straight Arm Press Out

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  1. Melissa Simson
    Melissa Simson says:

    Nice pic, Jess. Your facial expression is priceless!

    Full class this AM – just the way I like it!
    PR day for me and it feels so good – got my first string of unbroken double unders. It was only 8 but I’ll take it. Can’t wait to practice with my new rope 🙂

    Power clean- worked up to 80

    Front squat- worked up to 85 but could’ve added some more on there but ran out of time

    9 min AMRAP-
    30 KB swings @ 16kg
    20 Pistols unassisted
    1 Rope climb / modified climb
    = 3 rounds + 3 swings
    Did non-assisted Pistols for the first time and man those hurt!

    Big thanks to Luke for staying after and finally getting through to me about how to climb the rope- FINALLY!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait to try this next time it’s part of a WOD

  2. Head Coach
    Head Coach says:

    Tabata Dou8le Unders= 257
    Power Clean- WU- 2@45/95 WS- 3@110/130/150/175/195
    Front Squat- 2@195/215/225Fx3:(
    9 min AMRAP of: 30 Russian KettleBell Swings @24kg/10 each leg Pistols/1 Rope Climb=4 rounds + 6 KettleBell Swings (beasted out after failing the last two front squats!!) 🙂

  3. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    Tabata: none 🙁
    Power Clean: 5 sets of 3: 35/45/55/65/*75. I got the first 2 reps of 75, had to break and retry the last one a few times, I got it but totally muscled it 🙁 PR, 65 was my best until today.

    Front Squat: incomplete… 3 sets of 2… 1 set at 75 lbs, last 2 sets 85 lbs… I would have liked to done one more set at 85… So incomplete 🙁

    9 min AMRAP: 30 Russian kb swings @ 16kg FINALLY!!! Ahem, anyway.. 10 bar assisted pistols each leg.. Need to work on form, sorry Coach Iz… 1 rope climb. 3 rounds plus 25 kb swings

    hanging ring extenstion… Totally needed Coach Iz to help me stabilize, but it was fun trying.

    Again thank you Coach Iz for a wonderful class and all of your patience and assistance… It’s also cool to watch you do all the moves, inspiring =) Coach Tammyli I hope you feel better soon, miss seeing your pretty face floating around the box during the WOD’s.


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