Open Sectionals 12.5

This Saturday, March 24 @11am we will be hosting the last Open Games WOD 12.5 as a team. Make sure you come to compete or support, let’s finish this Open with a bang!

More Nooners Added

Great news, Coach Canadan is now offering a Nooner WOD Monday through Friday starting next week.

WOD 3/22/12

Tabata- Double Unders

Hang Clean (above the knee)- 3/3/3 @ 65/75/85% 1RM

6 RFT of: 3 Hang Clean @ 65% 1rm/6 L-Pull Ups

For Time: 50 Air Squats/40 steps Walking Lunge/30 Calories Rowing/20 Burpees/10 Box Jumps (30/20″)

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  1. Marina
    Marina says:

    Funny story: so I’m at the office at work and this huge box comes in from UPS. I sign for it, the CEO is like “oof it’s heavy, let it sit there we’ll get some of the heavier guys to move it.” So I go “Oh really?”. Get in my deadlift position, feet under hips, shoulders slightly forward, flat back, pick up this mofo of a package (probably about 100 lbs) and move it to the table where it should go. Now all eyes are on me and everyone wants to know how a girl like me can lift something like that! Mind you I was wearing jeans, a dressy shirt and small heels, makeup, hair done! hahaha thanks crossfit 🙂

  2. gilliebean
    gilliebean says:

    This pic reminds me…

    It’d be cool to have the heights written in the middle on the top of the new Rogue boxes. So, for example, when the box is 24″ tall, the top in the middle says “24 inches” and so on… This would be helpful for those of us who aren’t as familiar with the box dimensions.


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