1K Row @ 28 SPM/ 3 Min rest/ 1K Row @ 24 SPM

DeadLift – 1/1/1/1/1/1/1 Max Effort

21/15/9 RFT of Box Jumps/ K2E/ HSPU

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  1. michaelcahill73
    michaelcahill73 says:

    1K Row @ 28 SPM/ 3 Min rest/ 1K Row @ 24 SPM 3:48/ 3:54
    DeadLift – 1/1/1/1/1/1/1 Max Effort warm up 135- 225/275/295/305/315f/315 tapped out
    21/15/9 RFT of Box Jumps/ K2E/ HSPU- 13:22 used a 24″ box and 1 ab mat for a limited ROM on the HSPU. I got 10 unbroken on the first set I was happy with that . Nice PR DJ mike Martin. 350 is a lot of wood to chop. thanks for the chalk coach it certainly made a big difference on the K2E

      • michaelcahill73
        michaelcahill73 says:

        I figured you were licking your wounds from the Red wings loss last night. Nashville isn’t that bad. tried the muscle ups and I am getting closer. Tweaked my neck a little bit though

  2. Rory M
    Rory M says:

    1k Row @ 28 spm 3:45

    1k Row @ 24 spm 4:05?

    Deadlift 205/225/245/255/265/275/285pr Finally!

    21/15/9 – 10:32…used 1 abmat on hspu because my shoulder has been barking a bit…and because I may still be there if I hadn’t.

    started linking some K2E with the kip which really improved my time and killed my abs…good stuff…

  3. Head Coach
    Head Coach says:

    1 Mile Run @ 80% RPE=7:43
    DeadLift- WU-5@45/3@135/225/275 WS-3@300/315/330pr 3rm
    Clean- WU-3@45/95/135 WS-1@160/185/205f
    Front Squat- 1@205/215/235f/235PR (10lbs) 8@135/135/135


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