CF718 is Closed today!

We are at the Metro Dash race located at the Aviator Sports and Event Center (3159 Flatbush Ave. Bk, NY 11234)

Come support and cheer on your fellow 718’ers!!! Races starts at 8am and 8:30am.


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  1. Bailey
    Bailey says:

    Morgan we love you please get better quick, you are a freaking badass with your beauty pageant wave off the course. hugs and kisses.

    • Nikki
      Nikki says:

      We most certainly do love ya doll face, you are the only graceful bad ass injured person I know. Was totally not your fault babe, you friggen rock! We miss you already!

    • Coach TamBot
      Coach TamBot says:

      My sweet girl, you are so strong. I am so sorry for what happened, i feel personally responsible for your accident. I wish I was on your team, i know i could have saved you 🙁

      Get well soon.

      The rest of you guys I am so glad to see so many of your faces this morning, It was a lot of fun doing the warm top together with everyone watching. I love my team. I LOVE MY TEAM

      I came in 5th place out of the morning heats. Thanks for you extra encouragement!!

      Nikki/ Mel, IZ especially you, thanks four the support at the end.

      • Nikki
        Nikki says:

        My pleasure 😉 You were awesome! Loved watching you not once but twice Ms 5, although your number 1 in my eyes 😉 thank you for rooting me on as well, i shuffled those feet for you 😉 I appreciate your love sooo much! Soooo Sorry Sensei & Iz for taking sooooooo long, im allergic to gluten and heights. Really appreciate your guidance Coach Iz, I definitely would have hurt myself without you. Sensei when I saw your head go down I knew I had to move then. Thank you Yana for your help, your a true team player… Sorry for taking your time though 🙁
        Everyone did great…all of the teams were fabulous! Was cool to watch everyone and the coaches, Dan your fiancée would be so proud, Kurt I know Alli would have been ecstatic, the shirtless wonders lol, Jess you are one buff gal! Iz and Tammyli…. You both have so much heart and practice what you preach 100% Moises and I are sooo proud of you! I could see the inspiration in his eyes as he watched his fit diesel mom , and his dad in beast mode zooming through those obstacles like nothing! So proud of you Sensei for digging deep you finished up with such strength and speed it was great to watch the Sensei come out… Thats what im
        Talkin about! and thank you soooo much Iz and Moises for being by his side… As always… the Gonzalez’s are the most incredible, fit, lovable, sweet, bestest family I know… Thank you for being apart of our lives, I thank God for all of you everyday =)

  2. coachcanadan
    coachcanadan says:

    Just like Bailey mentioned, my favorite part was when they loaded her on the stretcher, she did the ‘beauty-queen’ wave to everyone. Priceless. Oh, and the first thing she said to Rory when he got to her side was “Congratulations, you did so well!” Now THAT is a beautiful thing.
    Rory, good thing you have service industry experience, my friend. Get ready to wait on her hand and foot for a while. 🙂

    Get better soon, Morgan! We love you!!

  3. Head Coach
    Head Coach says:

    Morgan you are a f_cking trooper! You handled your injury with poise and grace. I personally would have been alot less composed. I not only love you but I admire and truly respect you 😉 Please get well soon and let me know if there is anything I can help you guys with. Rory seriously if I can be of assistance do not hesitate.

    Thank you everyone for coming out today and pushing yourself to your limits!! You all crushed it and made me very proud in the process.

    There is a civilian military combine run at the same location. Anyone interested in running it?


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