WOD 7/24/14

8 Minutes of Shoulder/Wrist/OH/Thoracic Mobility

A- WU- 500M Row @ 70-90% RPE

B- 5 RFT of: 7 Clapping Push Up/7 C2B Pull Up/15 WallBall (20/14-10′)/Max Continuous Distance HandStand Walk -18 Minute Cap

C- Death By Burpee -15 Minute Cap

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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Upcoming Events

Moving Day/ Opening Day

After almost 4 years on 5th Avenue, it is my pleasure to announce that CrossFit 718 has found a new Box to call home.  Get Ready because we are moving to the corner of 26th Street and 3rd Avenue at the end of this month.  148 26th Street Brooklyn, New York 11232 

It has been crazy past few weeks, but the bulk of the work is done.  We are finalizing all the little things, and getting ready for an exciting opening day!!  The schedule is going to change for a couple of days so please pay attention to MindBody. 

Here is a list of important dates for everyone to know. Please read carefully. 

Tuesday 7/29 is our last day on 5th Avenue – we will be doing the boom WOD for the neighbors.  :D

Wednesday 7/30 is Moving day – The box will be closed for business. Starting at 9am we need anyone who is available to help with the move.

Thursday 7/31 is prep day – The box will be closed for business. We will be arranging the Box for opening day.

Friday 8/1 is Opening day we are opened for business with a regular class schedule.

Saturday 8/2/14 is our Opening Day celebration.  We will be doing a benchmark WOD is a competitive style atmosphere. We will encourage as many athletes to come and join the festivities, cheer on their friends and celebrate together!

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