WOD 4/21/15

8 Minutes of Shoulder/Hip/Back/Wrist/Ankle Mobility

A- WU- 200M Run + Tabata- 4 Rounds Each Alternating: WallBall (20/14-Max Height)/Broad Jump (Max Distance)
or 200M Run + Tabata- 4 Rounds Each Alternating: D.B. Thruster (25/15×2)/Broad Jump (Max Distance)

B- Clean & Jerk- 15 Minutes To A Heavy Triple

Notes: Coaches please ensure the big boys and girls are dropping on the OWL Platforms.

C- Complete AMRAP in 15 Minutes: 200M Run/10 G2OH (@70-80% of above)/200M Run/8 G2OH/200M Run/6 G2OH/200M Run/4 G2OH/200M Run/G2OH Max Reps In Time Remaining

Notes: Don’t forget to load your barbell correctly: WB>B= weight on the bar is greater than the weight of the bar/ Please check your ego and avoid breaking the equipment:)

*D- 100 Each Hollow Rock/Superman Rock

*= Complete as much as possible in time remaining.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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5K & Field Day

Join us for our third annual 5k fun run & field day. As a group, we are going to run one loop around Prospect Park. After the run we will have some fun games to get involved with, like kickball and football. Please bring some snacks and refreshments for everyone to enjoy. Invite your friends and family.  

What: 5k & Field Day

Where: Prospect Park

When: Sunday June 7th @ 1pm 

Who: 718 Athletes + Family & friends

Why: Why Not! 

How Much: FREE

Come through the 9th street entrance and walk straight to the running path,  we will meet the group by the road (West Dr.) Just past Harmony playground and the bandshell.  The Picnic and games will be over on the grass by the Bandshell.  


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