WOD 9/18/14

8 Minutes of Shoulder/Wrist/OH/Thoracic Mobility

A- WU- 2 RNFT of: 10 Diamond Push Up/8 Pull Up/6 D.B. Press (HBD)/30 Seconds Max Reps Double Unders – 6 Minute Cap

B- Jerk- 7 Minutes WU To 80% + 3 EMOM For 6 Minutes @ 80%

Notes: Scale to 75-78% if you miss an attempt.

C- Clean Grip Bench Press- 3 Minutes to 65% (5% more weight than 9/4/14) + 3 @ 60% Every 45 Seconds For 9 Rounds (approximately 6 minutes)

D- 3 Rounds of: 30 Seconds Max Reps Press (95/65); 45 Seconds Rest/1 Minute Max Reps Wall Walk

Notes: For Press scale weight as necessary/For Wall Walk decrease ROM as necessary or substitute with a Walk Out Plank.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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