WOD 9/2/14

8 Minutes of Shoulder/Wrist/Thoracic/Hip/Ankle Mobility

A- WU- 3 Rounds of: 30 Seconds Max Reps Burpees/30 Seconds Max Reps Ring Rows + 30 Seconds German Hang (on the bar)

B- HandStand Walk- 10 Minutes Practice (12) -or- 10 Minutes Max Distance

C- Ring Muscle Up- 10 Minutes Practice (1,2,) -or- 30 RFT (10 min cap) -or- EMOM -or- 10 min amrap

D- 6 Rounds of- 2 Minutes AMRAP of: 250M Row/Max Reps Push Ups; 2 Minutes Rest Between Rounds.

*E- D.B. J.M. Press- 8/8/8/8 (HBD) + Axle Pendlay Row-8/8/8/8 (HBD)

*= Complete as much as possible in time remaining.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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Specialty Programs and Schedule Updates

In the next few days we will begin two training protocols to help experienced athletes specialize in Power Lifting  and Olympic Weightlifting.  Both of these programs are designed and geared toward athletes with a minimum of 1 Year of CrossFit experience. Our Strength biased program will utilize WestSide Conjugate Method and our Olympic Weightlifting program will begin with the Super Compensation Model.

Both programs will run four days per week. The Conjugate class will tentatively run on Tuesday Wednesday Friday and Sunday @ 8am. The Olympic Weightlifting class will tentatively run on Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 8pm and Saturday @ 1pm.

Because of the nature of these programs they will be exclusive which means that any participants will only train in the respective modality for the duration of the cycle. It also means that athletes who are doing our CrossFit programming will not be able to participate in either of these specialty classes. To ensure the quality of training, these classes will be capped at 6 people. Cycles will be 12 weeks long and participants will be required to commit for four weeks at a time. Both Programs will begin the week of 9/15th and end the week of 12/8/14. The classes will begin with an assessment and will culminate with a competitive style “mock meet”. The cost of both programs will be $200 ($12.50 per class) for every four week mesocycle.

These classes will book out fast and are on a first come first serve basis, so do not hesitate and register now.

If you are interested please email info@crossfit718.com for more information.

All athletes are encouraged to participate only if they can commit to training out the entire cycle. Missed classes can be made up during Open Bar class times.


Starting September 9th Open Bar sessions will now be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm and Saturdays at 6pm. A minimum of 1 year CrossFit experience is required in order to particiapte in a Open Bar session.  

No special package is required – email info@crossfit718.com to gain access to onine registration.   


CrossFit718′s Whole Life Challenge Team and Kettlebell Kitchen Deliveries

Get excited, CrossFit 718! We’ve registered an official team for the Fall 2014 Whole Life Challenge!

Remember, THIS IS NOT A WHOLE30. Read more

CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer Course – 9/27 & 9/28

We have the privilege to host a CrossFit KettleBell Trainer Course in the fall! Click here to register

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