WOD 11/23/14

8 Minutes of Shoulder/Wrist/OH/Thoracic Mobility

A- WU- 200M Run + 30 Push Up/20 Ring Row/10 HSPU/20 Ring Row -7 Minute Cap

B- Bench- 18 Minutes To A Heavy Single

C- 5 Minutes WU K.B. Press/TGU + EMOM for 15 Minutes: Minute 1- 200M Run/Minute 2- TGU 1 Each (HBD)/Minute 3- 9 K.B. Sh2OH (HBD)

Notes: Continue to alternate rounds for 15 Minutes, completing 5 rounds each total/For Turkish Get Up and K.B. Shoulder To Overhead be sure to use a challenging but manageable weight/For K.B. Shoulder To Overhead any method will suffice including a Press,Push Press, Power Jerk or Split Jerk (be sure to finish each rep with the feet back in the jumping position)/ For 200M Run scale with a 250M Row.

*D- Banded Pull Aparts- 3 Minutes Max Reps

*= Complete as much as possible in time remaining.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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