WOD 12/23/14

8 Minutes of Hip/Ankle/Back/Shoulder Mobility

A- WU-  3 Minute AMRAP of: 15 Double Unders/10 WallBall (14-9′/20-10′)   -5 Minute Cap

B- Snatch- 5 Minutes WU to 65% of 11/15/14 + 2 Minutes Max Reps @ 65%; 2 Minute Rest + 2 Minutes Max Reps @ 75%   -15 Minute Cap

Notes: Squat, Power or Split Snatch are acceptable/For all variations be sure to “finish” your lift= come to a motionless position with the bar fully locked out over head and with your feet fixed.

C- Squat- 5 Minutes WU to 70%(Tempo: 2/0/x/1) of 11/15/14 + 6 Every 2 Minutes for 4 rounds (8 Minutes) -15 Minute Cap

D- 10 Rounds of: 30/30 Jingle Jangles

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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CrossFit 718 is ready for the World Wide WOD

This will be an in house Competition. The movements will be standard and judging will be done by the competitor in the heat behind you..  No need to register with the garage games, lets just do it! 

Event Date: Sunday, January 11th
Location: CrossFit 718
Register here: MindBody
Divisions: Male & Female Rx, Scaled,Beginner
Start-Time: 9:00 AM
Please post to comments to let us know you are ready to compete!

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