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CrossFit WOD

Level: Experienced

Workout of the Day


The workout of the day (WOD) classes are for athletes that aren’t looking to specialize in any particular area. It is generally for athletes that are looking for a more well rounded fitness, with no routines.

The Basics

Level: New and Inexperienced Members

Intro to CrossFit

The Basics

The Basics Series will teach you the fundamental movements of CrossFit and prepare you for our WOD program.

New and inexperienced members are required to complete the Basics series before moving into the WOD program.

Our Next Basics Series will begin on October 3rd.

Live Online Zoom Workout

Virtual Class hosted LIVE by a Coach. Little to NO equipment is required.


Expect the Coach to review component of the WOD as well as demo each movement. The class will start and finish together and the instructor will be able to provide feedback as needed.

This class is interactive 🙂

Zoom codes will be listed on wodify.

Personal Training

Level: All levels (Scale up or down based on abilities)

1-on-1 Training

Personal training is individualized to address the specific needs of the athlete. Our experienced coaching staff will assess your current level of fitness, evaluate your short and long term goals and develop a program designed to help you reach your goals safely and efficiently. One on one training can be geared towards: Getting you ready for classes, sports, a wedding, a marathon or obstacle course race, a CrossFit competition, mobility or a specific technique or movement.

Independent Program Design

Level: All levels (Scale up or down based on abilities)

Independent Design Program


Looking to reach your goals with a program that is designed JUST FOR YOU? Try our ID Program. This program us to program workouts that are specifically tailored to your goals. With the unlimited membership combined with th ID program, you can come train anytime of the day.


Unexperienced Athletes must complete The Basics series before jumping into our regular WOD classes.

Athletes transferring from another Box must have completed an on ramp/ foundations series or have minimum 30 days of CrossFit experience.

Our classes are a mix of all skill levels, workouts can be scaled as needed.

You must register for any class you plan on attending.

NO ONE is welcome in the box without a reservation.

Not at this time – Please check back in the Fall.

The next Basics Series begins on October 3rd, 2020

We offer a free consultation to Athletes looking to start Personal Training.

Email us to get on the schedule. info@crossfit718.com

Due to social distancing guidelines space limitations have forced us to reduce our offerings. Once we are at a regular capacity we will start to introduce other programs.