Jiu jitsu Instructor



Masterskya was founded in 2016 and now has locations internationally with the headquarters in downtown Manhattan. In 2023, CrossFit 718 affiliated and is the official representative of Masterskya in brooklyn — coincidentally, where Masterskya was originally born. 

With the same format, training and methodology of HQ, Alex Ecklin will be working closely with head instructor Qiao Han on providing students high level, accessible no nonsense Jiu Jitsu.

Qiao Han is the IBJJF Asian Open champion, two time American National medalist at Purple belt. He is a Pan Championship Gi and No Gi medalist as well as a World’s No Gi medalist. Qiao is a professional Jiu Jitsu athlete and coach, who will be leading the program at Masterskya Brooklyn. 

Alex Ecklin is the founder of Masterskya, and an American National, New York Open, Boston Open, Chicago Open Champion at Brown Belt, Worlds, European, No Gi Pans medalist at brown belt, and a Paris Open, Dallas Open, No Gi Pans Master champion. He was also a professional competitor for Eddie Bravo Invitational, Fight2Win, Rise and other promotions. He is focused on growing Masterskya globally through affiliations, tournaments (Grapple in the Temple) and the SenSay app.