Coach Chris



  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • Bachelors in Anthropology

I started my fitness journey during high school in 2006. After many years of playing video games and eating Twinkies, reaching about 210lbs, I needed to change my life style. I joined my high schools soccer team, as well as Muay Thai. In 2008, I went to attend college and during college I joined the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. Program. I spent many early mornings doing group PT (physical training) sessions, running/rucking around campus, as well as lifting weights in the evenings. After Graduating out of college in 2012, I joined a local “globo-gym” but it was too mundane and I had no sense of direction or programing. In April of 2013, I was walking on 5th avenue and saw this sign about preparing for the zombie apocalypse. I looked and it was this gym called Crossfit 718. It was a small space with lots of equipment but no machines. People were lifting heavy barbells, doing lots of pull-ups, going as fast as they can, breathing heavily and sweating all over the place. It was intimidating and awesome. After doing some research and looking up videos and articles, I decided to sign up and join the 718 family. Since then, I’ve grown to become a competitive athlete in the 718 team, participated in crossfit competitions, obstacle course races, and Goruck challenges. In 2016 I joined the coaching staff here in CF718. To help others to become better versions of themselves and achieve their goals. To share my knowledge and experience. And most importantly, to enjoy success with others and have fun with friends in the sport of fitness. Crossfit 718 is not just a gym, it’s a family.