• CrossFit L1 Trainer Certification

My experience with CrossFit began in 2008 scaling crossfit.com workouts at my local gym. A few years later I moved to Brooklyn and walked into CrossFit 718 with a bit of experience and a lot to learn. A decade in the CF 718 community has seen me grow from Member to Competition Teammate to Coach and I am still learning to this day.  


In my time at CF 718 I have certainly developed strength but also self-confidence and an incredible range of physical skills. I am today in the best physical condition of my life and continue to improve every year. This is the core of my training philosophy and one I share with CrossFit as a methodology. The range of physical adaptations and development possible with CrossFit is unparalleled, spanning Olympic weightlifting to gymnastics to bodybuilding to endurance training and beyond. But at its core this methodology will provide you with the strength and coordination to tackle any physical task you might encounter in life.  


I completed my CF-L1 to continue my development as an athlete and as a member of the CrossFit community. I have been lucky to apply that knowledge within this community as a Coach, and especially to welcome new members to the CF718 family. I introduced my partner to CrossFit at this box and later proposed to her at this box. CrossFit and especially CF718 has been an incredible source of joy and continued motivation for me, and I hope to share that with everyone who walks through our door.