• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • gymnastics certification
  • immigration lawyer by day

I wanted to get a real workout at a gym where people were together instead of occupying equipment and glancing at mirrors. And I really wanted someone to teach me how to pick up heavy things and drop them. That was sometime in 2013, and I’ve followed this place around since. After about five years of going very casually I made this a focus, and I’ve performed better in just about every aspect of my life since then.

The space and the community are fantastic. Coaching the basics program, I’ve worked with people from a tremendous diversity of backgrounds, including age and fitness level. Some people struggle to just sit down and stand up, and others are ready to compete; it really doesn’t matter. I just want you to have a good time while you’re here. If you stick around you’ll move through your day with more purpose and ease, and you’ll simply feel better. You might start thinking like an athlete, actually wanting to make changes to other areas of your life to better support the more fit version of you. And you’ll find things you enjoy that you wouldn’t have imagined. Turns out, I like kicking the pull up bar as much as dropping the heavy stuff.

Surprise yourself and make some friends. If you can overlook the bad jokes, you can do this.