Coach Tambot



  • Associate Degree in Liberal Arts & Science (CSI)
  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • CrossFit Kids (2014)
  • Powerlifting Certificate (2013)
  • CrossFit Kettlebells (2013)
  • CrossFit Judge 2012 – 2016
  • USA Weightlifting L1 & L2 Coach

I was never into fitness growing up, working out – doing stationary things was not my style. I liked to play handball, ride my bike, walk everywhere. I grew up in a generation that still played outdoors, out every night until curfew. But I was never fit, I was what some people call – skinny fat. As an adult, I hated the globo gym, to me it was like tanning, I just couldn’t sit still long enough, it was boring – those awfully complicated machines, muscle heads in the corner> wasn’t for me. My husband on the opposite end of the spectrum was a fitness enthusiast, and a master personal trainer. In 2008 he started this venture.

A few years ago, I found myself assisting Israel with his boot camps in Prospect Park. At first I was just Security – watching everyone’s bags as they went for a run. Then as everyone started to get to know me, and accepting of my role as the administrator the Athletes started handing me cash before class. When we met in the park, my friends Chrystie and Julie would ask me to join – still very intimidated by what they had going on, I kept my foot down and insisted that I needed to be available for inquiries and security detail. LOL

Eventually, about 1 1/2 years later when we opened the Box on 5th avenue, enough was enough. I needed to start CrossFitting!! My friend Marina and Iz motivated me and helped me through my first few WODs… Man O man.. they started calling me Baby Bells, cause I could only manage the 5lb Green Bells.. But at the time, I was sort of proud of that name, because for the first time in my adult life – I had started to challenge myself again. I was able to compete with ME – It felt Amazing!! I was Hooked!

In my first 6 months of CrossFit I went hard, I made gains that I never dreamed of.. my favorite moments were my first 7 unbroken DU’s and my first real non-band assisted Pull Up. I remember the first time I quantified my workout, I finished a heavy DeadLift Tabata @ 165lbs, I calculated that in 3 minutes and 50 seconds I was able to move 4,950 lbs!! After that I went for my L1.

When I Coach, I coach from the heart, I Coach from experience – I do the WOD, and I know my Team respects me because I never demand that they do anything I wouldn’t do myself.

I am not perfect, but over the years I have earned myself the Title of Coach TamBot. – and I like it!

CrossFit 718 was established in 2010. Built from the ground up, my husband, my son and myself have dedicated thousands of hours to our community all for the love of CrossFit. We have started this community one PR at a time, and will continue to grow into the future. In 2012 we started a non-profit Kids program, in an attempt to strengthen the next generation, to get them outside and get motivated.

Come take my class and I will make sure you have a good time getting Fit!