We would like to congratulate all of our New U athletes for completing their first six months of CrossFit. It’s been an honor to be a part of your journey, and we’re so proud of all the progress you’ve made. Keep up the good work!

One of the best parts of being a coach is seeing the ways CrossFit can completely transform a person – inside and out – and change their lives. We’re excited to share some of your inspiring stories with the rest of the CrossFit 718 community.


Tammy & Izzy

Dana Nelson

My family and friends have said that I am almost a new person since starting, but I know I still have a long way to go. I’m really glad that I’ve met new friends and feel so supported. CF718 is a huge part of my life now, and I feel really happy and lucky. My goals right now are to just keep lifting heavier, running faster, and jumping higher!

Nicole Biscardi

I signed up for the new you challenge back in November with the intention of trying to get in shape for my wedding this summer. I was topping the scale at my highest weight ever, and my mind and body were suffering from lack of exercise and activity. Since I joined CF718, I’ve been at the box religiously three times a week, and I never miss a session.  It’s a part of my routine that I look forward to week after week.  I’ve made awesome friends who have become my workout family, along with the amazing coaches who have inspired and supported me to work hard and have patience with myself as I learn and gain strength.  I’m at the point now where I honestly couldn’t imagine NOT coming! I’m down about 15 lbs., but I care very little about the scale these days.  I’ve lost so many inches all over the place and have totally rebuilt my body in just a little over six months’ time.  Thanks to Tammy, Iz, and the entire CrossFit 718 family!

Tanya Aviles 

It’s been six months since I made the best decision of my life. Joining the New U challenge at CrossFit718 resulted in making great friends who I love. And it’s brought to light the importance of taking care of myself by becoming a stronger and healthier person. I have never felt so good about myself like I do now. I am so thankful for my “swinging seals” and coaches for making this more fun for me. Love my CrossFit 718 Family.

Babs Wye

I can’t say enough positive things about CrossFit 718. Originally I found the box through a “New U” ad on Facebook, and honestly thought it was a scam. I googled the gym, only went by to ask questions, and, because of coach Iz’s infectious personality, I ended up signing up. It’s literally been the best decision of my life. From the box I’ve gained a sense of community and confidence. Each coach is so genuine, knowledgeable and eager to see you succeed- it’s what’s kept me coming back every week! I’m so glad I signed up back in November.


Anya Buberman

My attitude towards working out, my health and body has changed thanks to Tammy and CrossFit 718! I love the friendly environment of the gym, which combines perfectly with the challenging spirit of attaining goals and striving for a better, stronger, happier body. I am looking forward to getting stronger and hotter alongside other athletes who set health as their priority.

Allison Young

Signing up for Crossfit718 has been a truly transformative experience.  I was once an avid Soul Cycler, but my buddy Troy insisted I check out CrossFit.  Since starting the New U class I’ve become stronger and healthier and made many new friends.  I’ve learned how to deadlift, bench press, clean and jerk – things that I never thought would I’d do. As a result, my clothes fit better, my arms are more defined, and I feel stronger than ever. And equally important – I’ve made new friendships.

What I love most is seeing my coach and workout group three times a week. It’s a pleasure to come into the gym and work out with a group that is rooting for me and I’m rooting for them. We are all changing together thanks to this gym and experience!

Ben Brancato

CrossFit718 helped me with both better nutrition and physical fitness. I lost 20 pounds in six months!  I hope to continue making CrossFit part of my lifestyle.

Troy House 

Thirty years of thinking I knew better. Didn’t need a coach or a plan, just a cheap gym membership, and I was fine. And on New Year’s day 2017, 30 years after leaving high school, I found myself 50 lbs. overweight. I knew I needed help. That same day in my Facebook feed a notice popped up for a six-month New U trial membership at CrossFit 718. One of the rules was I had to take a before and after picture, which terrified me and made me realize that this may be what I needed. Going on six months, I am halfway to losing my 50 lbs. and I couldn’t be happier. While saying it has been easy would be an outright lie, I can truly say I have had a blast. The team at CrossFit 718 is amazingly diverse. Competitive athletes, pregnant moms, weekend warriors and some like me –just trying to live a better life, get healthier, live longer and challenge myself to be a better person. And the great thing about the gym Izzy and Tammy run is they all co-exist and inspire each other. Can’t wait to see our New U group at the one year mark. Thank you!

Scarlet Rivera

New U allowed me to get into a routine for workout time in my schedule, which has been one of my greatest obstacles after starting a non-profit theater company three years ago. Coming to CrossFit718 helps remind me that I am a powerful being, and that I can accomplish much more than I think, especially when surrounded by the welcoming environment. As a person that does not consider themselves an athlete, I have been challenged to do things that normally I would be terrified of. Coming to the box is overcoming my fears, and that attitude bleeds out into my daily life and keeps me coming back for more.

Geoff Osullivan 

Deciding to join the new you program in January was the best decision I’ve made since marrying my wife! Six months in, I feel very good about my progress. The workouts are often difficult, but it always feels awesome to complete the WOD.

Coach Tammy not only introduced me to the possibility of reaching my fitness goals, but she also introduced me to an amazing community of CrossFitters that support each other every day.

Jody Pollack

The New U program was inspirational. I feel like I can be successful with physical challenges that I thought were not possible. The group experience also makes working out much more interactive and engaging; I’m no longer bored with the gym—I really looking forward coming in every single time!  Thanks, Tammyli!

Shawn Brody 

I was looking for something new to help me tone up and I found it!! CrossFit has not only taught me how to exercise better but how to incorporate it into my life. I feel more full of energy. Coach Tammy creates such an inviting and collaborative environment that you actually want to keep going. It’s a fantastic new family I now feel a part of. I’ve done things I didn’t think I could, and it’s been life changing

Holly Harper

CrossFit snatched my body back 12 years and 2 kids. Coach Tammy is EVERYTHING!!!!

Jacob Hardin 

“The New U Program is an excellent introduction to CrossFit, as it provides training for the core movements but, more importantly, also showcases the welcoming and supportive team environment at CF718.”

Lea Farmer

After I moved here two years ago, I quickly piled on some pounds. I didn’t have very many friends, and my lifestyle was “work and eat.” Not only did New U help me get my workout rhythm back, it also helped me find a healthy community. I feel strong and healthy, both physically and mentally!

Fatima Wehidy

Joining CrossFit was probably the healthiest and best thing I have ever done for myself. The New U program made it much more approachable and accessible for someone with zero CrossFit experience coming in. I am constantly impressed by the coaches’ ability to teach and explain the workouts to someone as awkward and clumsy as myself. I never thought I’d be able to do half the things I can do now, and I’m excited to keep learning and getting stronger!

Aimee Huang 

At first, CrossFit was intimidating, and I wasn’t sure if it was right for me. But with the guidance and support from all the awesome coaches here, I was quickly able to pick up the techniques and incorporate CrossFit into my lifestyle. Seeing my progression over the past few months has given me newfound confidence and strength. Not only do I feel more comfortable in my own skin, but I also feel right at home at CrossFit 718 and I’m addicted!

Victoria Tarpin <3 [/av_textblock]