New Policies

These changes will be effective upon reopening. As guidelines are issued from the state we will adjust as needed, and when restrictions are eased up we will update our policies. 

Policy Offenders:

Anyone not following these guidelines will be asked to leave the gym. 

If you see someone breaking these rules we need you to bring it to our attention, or help out by kindly enforcing the guidelines. 

Sick Policy:

First and foremost if you are sick, stay home. Dont risk spreading germs.

If you test positive we encourage you to share that information with the staff.  Send us an email, we assure you we will respect and protect your privacy.

If someone has tested positive, we are obligated to disclose this information to the community in a respectful private manner.


To follow mandatory social distancing guidelines there will be new space restrictions posted around the gym. Unfortunately this comes with limitations. Moving forward we will only offer limited memberships. 

We have adjusted price of our memberships to reflect the cost of our over head. We will revisit the pricing structure each quarter this year. 


  • Waivers: Everyone is required to sign an updated waiver that will now include a medical  form before returning to the box.
  • Changes: You can make changes any time via email.
  • Cancellation: Complete an online cancellation form 30 days before your next membership is due.
  • Contracts: You can keep your current rate for 6 months.
  • Rate Increase: You will receive 30 days notice via email before rates change.


Our group program offerings have been reduced to only the WOD program. As restrictions are lifted, the more popular programs will return. 

Current Options

  1. WOD – Workout of the day
  2. Personal Training – One on one coaching
  3. ID Program Design – Monthly personalized programming
  4. Camps & Workshops –  Different options offered monthly


100% strict & mandatory registration policy. Class size is now limited to 6 athletes. Walk in’s will not be allowed. Anyone not registered for a class will be sent home. 

Use the wodify app to register for class, check in and enter your scores.  To be extra cautious, there will no longer be a kiosk for you to use in the gym. 


  • Registration: You can register for any class up to 20 days prior to the start date.
  • Waitlist: Spots will open up in the order you were registered for. You will automatically be entered into the class as soon as someone cancels their reservation.  And get an email
  • Cancellation: You have 4 hours before the start of class to cancel your reservation without being penalized a class. this policy must be strictly enforced.

Checking in:

Everyday when you arrive you must report to the front desk for a thermo scan of your temperature. If you have a fever over 100 you will be asked to leave. Your account will not be charged for that session if you are sick.


Required Items:

Hygiene is important, we need everyone to come to the gym showered, and wearing clean garments.  Pack your gym bags tight. There is plenty of gear we can no longer provide. 

Lockers: Do not clutter up the area. You can use the locker for free on daily use lockers are to be cleaned out after each class.  You can rent a locker for a small monthly fee.

  • Masks – Everyone is required to wear a mask in the building and in all Yellow and Green Zones.  You must wear a mask when you workout. You are require you to wear your mask in your zone. – We will have mask available for sale if you show up without one.
  • Bring a clean towel every time you come to the gym – or buy one from us.
  • Bring a water bottle – we will no longer be offering cups to the public.
  • Wrist wraps & lifting belt – Please invest in any of these items if you feel they are necessary.

Safety Zones: Wear a MASK in all ZONES

  • Yellow: This is a walking path that allows you to get around the box without entering into another persons personal space. Use this zone when entering and leaving the building, this includes when you are running in & out during workouts. Like on a road stay on the right side of the path when walking around. 
  • Green: This is communal space, lockers, dressing room, equipment, sink & bathroom. We strongly encourage everyone to use safe social distancing rules when you are in this zone. Please be patient and stay 6 feet apart. 
  • Wait: This is an area that you can stretch and wait for your upcoming class. 
  • Red: this is an individual athletes personal space. Only one athlete per space. 
  • Exit: This is an area where you can stretch & cool down after class. 

The wait area is specifically for before class and the exit area is for after class, this is our attempt to minimize the amount of people we have congregating around the gym.  We want to encourage community activity, but in a limited controlled fashion. 

Flow of a Class: 

  1. When you arrive – WEAR A MASK  —> Report to the front desk to get your temperature taken – then GO WASH YOUR HANDS 
  2. Settle in – go to the lockers to store your things or go to the changing area to prepare for class. Check into class on your phone. 
  3. Wait – in the waiting zone. Your coach will invite you to enter the next class and into a zone. Do not automatically walk into a zone without an invite. 
  4. Circle – at the start of class you must stay in your zone when doing circle. If you want to get involved in the conversation, speak up!  Stay in your area to stretch. 
  5. The WOD components – During coaching times you must also stay in your zone quietly when the coach reviews each component. 
  6. Equipment – Your coach will coordinate the gathering of equipment. Listen for your zone number to be called before you go to gather your gear. 
  7. End of the WOD -clean every item you used and organize the equipment the same way you found it. 
  8. Exiting – Stretch on the matt by the exit. Be sure to safely manage your way through the room as you gather your things near the bathroom, lockers, and changing room. 

Cleaning Procedure: 

All equipment will be already clean when you arrive.

Only clean your zone after you are completely finished with your workout.

Clean everything you touched and return all equipment back to its original set up. There will be appropriate cleaning supplies in each zone. 

Chalk – We want to minimize waste and the spreading of germs. We ask that you DO NOT crumble the chalk, we will attempt to keep solid blocks in the buckets.


We love our CF718 family, and this is a tough topic. If getting childcare means you cannot get to the gym, we aren’t going restrict children in the building. BUT you are responsible to keep your child in your zone at all time. We don’t recommend leaving your child to do a running WOD.

  • If your child is sick stay home. If your child cannot pass the thermo scan upon entry you will be asked to leave. 

Dogs & Pets:

We aren’t going to restrict dogs in the gym but we will now need to enforce a strict on the leash policy with the pet. Your pet must remain in your zone at all times.