A1: Row 90 Seconds (Distance)

@ Pace/Intensity/Distance
@80-90% Sustainable Pace; Rest 90 Seconds

A2: 2 Minutes Row Distance (Distance)

@85% Somewhat Hard Pace (Not Sustaianble); Rest 5 Minutes

B: Push Press (12 Mintues To A Challenging Triple)

Build up heavy with no misses or press outs; Rest as needed.

C: Back Squat (15 Minutes To A Heavy Triple)

15 Minutes To A Heavy Triple @20X1; Rest as needed.

Compare to 07/17/17.

D1: Air Bike (Calories)

90 Seconds @50-90% Sustainable Pace; Rest 90 Seconds

D2: Metcon (2 Rounds for calories)

2 Rounds of:

2 Minutes Max Calorie Bike
@85% Somewhat Hard Pace (Not Sustaianble); 7 Minutes Active Recovery Athletes Choice