Mark Mitchell

We love watching new athletes join the box and completely change their lives in just a few months. But, it’s also really satisfying to see the members who have been with us since the early days continue to grow, challenge themselves, and achieve new goals. Mark Mitchell is one of those members.

Mark has been a part of the CrossFit 718 community for three years. Since he started, he’s seen improvements in his strength and mobility, and he continues to collect new skills and improve his technique. He’s planning to give each of the Open workouts a shot, so if you run into him this month on a Monday, give him a high five!

Read our Q&A with March 2017’s Athlete of the Month.

How did you learn about CrossFit?

I discovered CrossFit by stumbling onto the Games on ESPN. I was so amazed by the phenomenal shape of all the athletes.

What kinds of differences have you noticed since starting CrossFit?

I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my strength and physique, but most of all my mobility. Before CrossFit, I couldn’t even squat below parallel!

How do you make time for working out?

I usually get off of work at 4 p.m. in midtown, and that gives me just enough time to make it to the 5 p.m. WOD.

What’s your favorite kind of WOD? 

My favorite lift is the power clean and jerk. So any WOD that contains that lift makes me happy – probably because I’m pretty decent at it.

What’s a recent achievement that you’re proud of?

A recent achievement that I could say I feel pretty good about is that my butterfly pull-ups are coming along nicely – finally.

What goal are you currently working on?

A goal that I would like to achieve soon is the ability to do strict handstand push-ups with no ab mat.

What’s your Fran time?

Ha! My Fran time… I actually never made it on a Fran day. I don’t cherry pick my WODs, it’s just happened that way.

What do you do when you’re not at the box?

When I’m not at the box, I can be found almost anywhere. CrossFit is my only real hobby, but I am trying to learn Espanol. So far, no bueno…