Chelsea Wheeler

By: Jenessa Connor

We were lucky enough to temporarily snag Chelsea during the summer of 2013 when she was doing a clinical rotation in Brooklyn. We were psyched when her work brought her back to the neighborhood that winter. But, when she moved to Brooklyn in the fall of 2014 and made CrossFit 718 her permanent home, we knew it was meant to be.


Since officially joining the box, Chelsea has become a vital part of our community. She works hard for her gains, inspiring everyone from the newest CrossFitter to the other members of the comp team. And we’re so excited to announce that, starting in June, she’ll be running our mobility classes and offering physical therapy at the box!


Read our Q&A with Chelsea and learn more about April’s Athlete of the Month!


How did you discover CrossFit?
My friend talked me into it almost four years ago. I was so nervous and intimidated; I had no idea how to squat and could barely do a push-up. I remember loving the feeling after my first WOD, which consisted of push-ups, tuck jumps and burpees. I was sore for days but kept coming back.


Why do you do CrossFit?
I love the variety it offers. Every single day is different, so I don’t get bored. I also enjoy how it makes me feel – it always puts me in a good mood. If I go a few days without going to the gym, watch out! I can get really cranky.


How do you make time for working out?
The real question is how do I NOT make time for working out. Exercising and moving is a huge part of my life and career. Although there are times I can’t make it to the box or need a rest day, and I have to remind myself that is okay too.


What’s your favorite CrossFit movement?

chelsWall balls! I can do them forever (well, almost). But they are definitely my most efficient movement, and I can always get ahead when they are in a WOD.


What’s a recent achievement that you’re proud of?
Kipping ring dips. I think I did five in a row the other day. I’m finally figuring out how to be more efficient without having my arms be sore for a week.


What goal are you working on?

Stringing together those toes-to-bar! Basically all gymnastics movements, including muscle-ups!


What’s your Fran time?
4:59, which is actually my NARF time (Fran in reverse).


What do you do when you’re not at the box?
When I’m not in the box, I’m probably thinking about the next time I will be at the box… But really, I am a physical therapist in Williamsburg. I like to spend a lot of time with friends and family, and navigating around the city to try new food with my boyfriend. I also love to read and learn 🙂


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