Hello everyone! 

Are you enjoying this last five-week Open-style cycle? My hope was to give those of you who have been with 718 since before the 2018 Open an opportunity to identify where you have made gains and where you still need improvement.

Make note of what still needs work, as there will be time allocated for goat work (skill development) later this year. For those of you just starting out, this is generally what a competitive cycle looks and feels like. Moving forward, we are going to work on improving overall fitness in order to do well in the 2019 Open (competition season).

I have had a few people express their fondness of varying the strength days. So, as a result, I will go back to varying the strength and energy system work with the exception of Saturday, which will still have a MAP 7-8 (10-15 minute)/partner WOD.

Our next cycle will be centered around developing proficiency with Olympic weightlifting.

September will include the introduction of a 12-week weightlifting-focused cycle from 9/02 To 11/25. The cycle will consist of a max effort (heavy) upper and lower body days. These will be followed by a dynamic effort (% of max) upper and lower body day. The cycle will begin with barbell complexes, transition into hang and power variants, and finish with the classical lifts (full snatch/clean and split jerk).

While our main focus will switch to weightlifting, this next cycle will still have 1-2 lactic/GPP days (think short benchmarks like Fran and Grace) and general physical preparedness.

We will also see at least two max aerobic power/gymnastic skill days. Think along the lines of Mary (long benchmark) or Nate (hero WOD) and a gymnastics progression. Our next gymnastics skill acquisition progression will be for bar muscle-ups.

Finally, because we are focusing on developing short-term, high-end power, we will incorporate 1-2 alactic (10-20 seconds) sprint-style sessions per week.

The general goal for this cycle is to get more proficiency with the Olympic lifts, complete our current gymnastic progression, begin the new gymnastic progression, and prep for the 2019 competition season.

My personal goal is to help YOU achieve your personal goals with one general training program. Our program has a little something for everyone, but if you have needs that vary from what we are working on, get my attention and I will personally help you optimize your next cycle of training.

I hope you enjoy! Again, if you have questions or concerns, please email me at coachiz@crossfit718.com