Thanks to You,

CrossFit 718 is Ten Years Strong.

Our story started with two local kids from Brooklyn who had a dream. Israel and I were young parents who struggled but were always willing to put in the work to make a better life for our family. We started an outdoor bootcamp in 2008 as an extracurricular and fun way to make some spending cash. We trained really hard with very little. Our consistency, attention to detail and passion for fitness kept our members coming back for more.
Our membership grew and everyone involved knew something special was taking shape. Our founding members committed to our program and together we developed our extracurricular bootcamp into a fledgling business. It’s hard to believe that a handful of dedicated athletes were able to alter the trajectory of our lives. Thank you for the push guys!
In early 2010, we signed the lease to our first facility in the heart of Park Slope.
Brooklyn Fitness Factory was born! “Making bad ass workouts your BFF”… LOL
In the months that followed we quit our fulltime jobs and transitioned exclusively to building our new venture. In retrospect, we can definitely say that we made the right decision.
On October 24th, 2010 we affiliated with CrossFit. Since then we have been fortunate to have worked with so many wonderful people. Over the years we have developed many friendships that have enhanced the quality our lives. To be honest our growth has had a fair amount of growing pains along the way. Despite that, if we could do it all over again we wouldn’t change a thing. Our community has built friendships and created memories that will last us a lifetime.
It is not only the sweaty moments that stick out, it is the countless events that helped us build our bond that makes it special to us. All the good times at our parties & masquerades, so many 5ks, annual Memorial Day Murphs and 24 days of Xmas every year… We had throwdowns, fundraisers & lots of beers to bring us together. The beach days & halloween parties … Saturday Partner WODs were always the best day of the week! Thank you to the countless volunteers every year committed to making our Box shine.
Love was in the air at the Box, we had a couple of love birds, a dozen weddings, ands many babies.  Watching you and your families grow has been an honor, those moments are the ones we won’t ever forget. The loved ones we’ve lost, and their words of wisdom will be in our hearts forever.
Life happens, not everyone that we have come across is here right now, but a small piece of you is with us for life. We promise to continue to train hard, and grow this family and remember our extended families who had to move on.
We appreciate you all for being a part of our extended family for ten years! A decade of burpees has hopefully gotten you closer to achieving your fitness goals. Your hard work and dedication have come to define who and what CrossFit 718 is, and we thank you.
Your love and support through the good times & bad mean the world to us. We feel incredibly blessed for the opportunity to continue to provide functional fitness to the local community for years to come.
Cheers to the next Ten Years!!!
Mom & Pop
Tammyli & Israel Gonzalez