Its was about a decade ago when our fitness motto was to prepare for the Apocalypse. There was this little sign outside the gym that said the funniest thing ever. “Join Now and prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse.” This was in 2012 when we thought the world might end later that year.. LOL  At the time we were training for the first ever metrodash course, flipping tires, burpees on the sidewalk, undulating ropes!  So many fun memories in the community, so many friends were made.

Seems like we are in the middle of some version of an apocalypse currently, and now our Box is shut down. We hope that you found yourself prepared for this, mentally and physically. We have done everyting we can to prepare you all for the unknown and unknowable.

Be well; God Speed …

Check out this old video of training on 5th Ave.