Amita Bhandari

By: Jenessa Connor 

Amita is walking proof of CrossFit’s “functional fitness” and real world application. After joining the 718 community two and half years ago, Amita began feeling more capable and confident in everyday activities, like moving furniture, swapping out the water dispenser’s five-gallon bottle, carrying her toddler, and carrying baby #2 (due January 2017!) She’s pretty sure CrossFit is at least part of the reason she’s been spared common symptoms like morning sickness, heartburn, and insomnia this time around.


We’re so excited that she is feeling strong and continuing to kick ass right into her third trimester. Check out our Q&A with Amita and learn more about November’s athlete of the month!


When did you join CrossFit 718?


I joined CrossFit 718 about two and a half years ago, exactly six weeks after my daughter was born.  I knew I needed something dynamic to help me lose the baby weight. We had just moved to the neighborhood, and I saw that the box was only a few blocks away.  I called Tammy and started my intro sessions right away!


What kinds of changes have you noticed since starting CrossFit? 


So many changes!  I am so much more capable physically.  I notice it in my movements, when doing everyday things, like carrying my daughter around all day. When we moved, I was actually able to help move some of the furniture. I can change the five-gallon Poland Spring bottle on our water dispenser!


I also feel so much more confident now.  When I started CrossFit, I felt so shy and unsure of myself, and I had never done any work on a barbell before.  I am so much less afraid of the barbell now!  I can’t forget to mention all the new friends that I have made. Being at the box has a social aspect to it that I LOVE.  I have fun while I work out!  (Okay, I have definitely been drinking the CrossFit koolaid.)


What’s it been like to CrossFit while pregnant?


amitaI cannot say enough good things about CrossFitting while pregnant.  First of all, I did not have a lot of the first trimester symptoms that some other women may get. I did not get morning sickness, nausea, or heartburn.  I think that at least some of that can be attributed to CrossFit.  Also, working out has helped me sleep like a baby!  Last time I had terrible insomnia, but so far I have been sleeping great.  I have been able to keep my weight gain down, and my body still feels tight!  Strong arms, strong legs.  Hopefully, this will help with labor, and I’ll be able to bounce back quickly after the baby is born.


The coaches at 718 have been AMAZING.  Every single one of them has been so patient with me, helping me modify my workouts.  They have been so supportive.  The members of the gym have been incredibly supportive as well.  People are always offering words of encouragement.


How do you make time for working out?


This pregnancy has made me so, so tired, and getting to the gym has been such a challenge.  Between working full time, running around after a toddler, and keeping up with chores, it’s been hard to make it in.  I force myself to come to the box, and every time I do, I’m so glad I did!  I leave feeling happy and rejuvenated!  My husband is super awesome and very supportive as well.  Without him watching the baby some evenings and picking up the slack at home, I would not be able to make it in.


What’s your favorite type of WOD?

I am really into the conditioning class.  I feel like that class makes you work hard!


What recent achievement are you proud of?

I have never really been an athlete.  It wasn’t until after I started taking the conditioning class that I ran a mile without stopping.  (Crazy, I know!)  I also started to get pretty good at double unders before I got pregnant.


What goal are you working on?


After I have the baby, I would like to get pull-ups and rope climbs.


What’s your Fran time?


I’m embarrassed to say that I DONT KNOW!  I’ve got to be better at keeping track of my times, especially since WODIFY makes it so easy.


What do you do when you’re not at the box?

We spend a lot of time with family and friends, going out for drinks or dinner whenever we can.  We like to have people over when the weather is nice.  We spend time with our kid and our dogs!


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