2017 was, by all accounts, a huge success for CrossFit 718 and our athletes. Just check out these stats! (Note that we were unable to account for laughs, high-fives, and gym selfies, but we’re pretty sure we broke some records in those categories, too.)

  • CrossFit 718 athletes attended a total of 14,300 classes. And it looks like metcons and lifting are your antidotes to hump day; Wednesday was the most popular day of the week.
  • We welcomed 82 new athletes in 2017.
  • As a community, we lifted 960,800 pounds! What do you say we shoot for 1 million in 2018?
  • We PR’d over 3,000 workouts and over 2,700 lifts. Thanks to our squat cycle, the back squat was our most PR’d lift.
  • Our athletes recorded over 5,200 Rx workouts.

We’re proud of all of our athletes, but there are a few individuals who should be recognized for their dedication.


These members were at the top of the attendance leaderboard.


Michaela D’Onofrio – 309 classes

Coach Lea- 186 classes

Adialys Meijas – 182 classes



Rob Gentile – 228 classes

Coach MJ – 173 classes

Mario Delgado – 161 classes


And, in a year of record-setting performances, these athletes recorded the most PRs.


Michaela D’Onofrio – 103 PRs

Fatima Wehidy – 64 PRs

Laure Dubouloz – 55 PRs



Mario Delgado – 87 PRs

Rob Gentile – 78 PRs

Coach Iz – 71 PRs