From Coaches Tammy and Iz

You already know that joining CrossFit 718 isn’t like joining a globo gym. In fact, we don’t think it’s like every other CrossFit box either. We’re proud of the supportive, inclusive, family-friendly community we’ve built, and we want to continue to grow and develop… with your help.

We’re scouting for a handful of super passionate athletes, a.k.a. 718 Ambassadors. This squad will play an active role in supporting our community and attracting new members.

What’s Does a 718 Ambassador Do?

An ambassador regularly contributes to the box in both small and large ways. For example, they…

  • Refer friends and family members. Or they invite a buddy to a free intro class on a Tuesday night or Saturday afternoon.
  • Create a social environment. An ambassador might show up to class 15 minutes early to mobilize and chat with their classmates, or start a stretching group after class.
  • Post pics and videos on social media. Ain’t no shame in documenting your newest skill or latest PR! Ambassador selfies = free advertising for the box!
  • Volunteer to help with events. We like to have fun outside of our regularly-scheduled WODs, but it takes a village to plan and run competitions, parties, and outings. Ambassadors join planning committees or offer to help out the day of the event.
  • Welcome new members. Ambassadors introduce themselves to new members and offer to answer questions about WODs or equipment. We want everyone to feel comfortable and supported no matter how long they’ve been a member.
  • Lead by example. Overall, our members are pretty good about respecting the Gym Rules. But an occasional reminder never hurts. Ambassadors set a good example by showing up for class on time, loading their bars properly, following safety protocols, and taking care of the box and equipment. If they see someone slipping up, they say something in a helpful, friendly way.

Are you Ambassador material? Want to make it official? Email Tammy to set up a time to chat!