A message from Tammy and Iz 

Sure, accidents happen, and maintenance comes with the territory of running a box. But when a piece of equipment is busted, we all suffer. As owners, we’d rather put resources toward brand new equipment (like more GHDs and SkiErgs). Meanwhile, our athletes are stuck staggering or modifying their workouts until repairs are complete.

It’s in all of our best interests to take care of what we have. Here are some simple tips for keeping our equipment in good, working condition.


  • A rattling chain is not only bad for the rower, but it’s an indication of improper form. Ask a coach to help you make adjustments.
  • Never release the handle mid-row or allow it to snap back against the wheel. Always return it to the catch after finishing your row.
  • When storing rowers, carefully remove the handle from the catch and allow it to rest against the wheel. When placing the rower in an upright position, make sure the rower’s monitor does not bang against the wall or other equipment.


  • Never place anything – clothing, towels, white boards – on a bike’s monitor.
  • If your bike rattles and shakes when you use it, work on smoothing out your form.

Barbells and Plates

  • The weight of your plates should always be greater than the weight of your barbell. For example, if you’re snatching 65 lbs., do not add two 10-lb. plates to a 45-lb. bar. Instead, use a 15-lb. bar and add 50 lbs. in plates.

Dumbbells and Kettlebells

  • Never drop a dumbbell or kettlebell. Dropping weights is not only dangerous, but it’s potentially damaging to the flooring and surrounding equipment.

Ab Mats

  • Use these for sit-ups and handstand push-ups, but do not kneel or step on them, as it breaks down the filling.

Medicine Balls

  • Do not stack heavier medicine balls on top of lighter ones, as it breaks down the filling.

Mini Bands

  • Always remove your shoes before placing mini bands around your feet. Rough surfaces can cause the bands to snap.

Jump Ropes

  • Do not use jump ropes outside or on rough concrete.
  • Untangle jump ropes before placing them back on the storage hooks by the handles.

Markers and White Boards

  • Always keep caps on markers.
  • Erase white boards after using them.

And lastly…

  • Always wipe down and return equipment to its proper storage place.
  • If you see something, say something! For the safety of all athletes, we want to address damaged equipment immediately.