A2: 800M Weighted Run
B: 10 Minutes of Skill Work-
Kipping: RMU/BMU
Triple Unders/Pistols

@50% Easy Pace

Use this time constructively, choose your biggest weakness and work on it. Remember to go nice and easy focusing on developing proficiency.

C1: 3 RFQ of:
3 Each D.B. Power Snatch
2 D.B. Box Step Over
2-3 Burpee
1-2 Strict Pull Up
C2: Against A 12 Minute Clock:
100 D.B. Power Snatch (45/25#)
80 D.B. Box Step Overs (24/20″)
In Time Remaining- Max Rounds of:
10 Burpees/
20 Strict Pull Up

In Teams of 2, only 1 partner working at a time, partition as needed/Scale as needed/Score= Total # of reps as a team.

Please use your rest to practice judging and counting your partners reps.