Warm UP-

Dynamic and Static Flexibility

30 seconds each: Jogging in place/Sprint in place/Jacks/Jump Squat/Jump Lunge/Mountain Climbers/Bear Crawl/Lateral Bear Crawl 1 x each/Crab Walk

Partner Challenge:  6 minutes of :45 on :15 off with partners switching between the following excersises during the 4 minutes:

Box Jumps (M 24″;F 18″) / Summo Dead Lift High Pull (M 65lbs;F 45lbs)

Push Press (M 65lbs;F 45lbs) / K.B. Swing (M 16kg;F 12kg)

Push UP/Slam Ball (M 20lbs;F 15lbs)

1 and a half minutes rest after completing each 6 minute pair. Each partner counts total reps per 6 minutes of all excesises. Total reps added at the end. Most reps wins.

The Teams were:         Christy/Patrone   ;   Mike/Alda    ;   Corey/Jules

Box Jumps/SDHP =              113                          125                 120

Push Press/K.B. Swing =      155                         123                158

Push Up/Ball Slam =              159                         150                 159

So in event # 1 Alda and Mike had the most reps.

In event # 2 Corey and Jules squeaked out 3 more reps to take that segment.

In event # 3 Patrone and Christy finished with actual #’s as Jules had to leave early and Corey’s scores were doubled to calculate the final outcome.

The Final Result is Team Jules and Corey with 437 Total. Congratulations on your win. I expected you guys to pull it out, as collectively you guys have been training with me the longest:)

Second place was Christy and Patrone with 427 Total. Nice job considering it was Patrones 1st exposure.

Third place was Alda and Mike with a respectable 398 Total. Which suprised me the most, in a good way:)

My expectations were exceeded by all the teams. Congratulations to everyone you were all winners in my eyes.

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