LOE 7/2/10

Warm UP-

Dynamic and Static Flexibility

Rope 3 minutes

5 each X 3 rounds for 20 meters

K.B. Waiters Walk- (M;16kg/F;8kg)

30 WallBall- (M;20lbs/F;12lbs)

Bar Farmers Walk – (M;75lbs/F;45lbs each bar)

Rope 3 minutes

30 seconds each X 3 rounds

Tire Flip- (M;Tractor;F;Truck)

K.B. Swing-  (M;16kg/F;8kg)

Jump Lunge-

Push UP-

Row erg-

3″ Undulating Rope (Wave)-

Rope 3 minutes

Cool Down-

Static and Dynamic Flexibility

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