PR’s Abound

Welcome aboard to our silent partner Raphael.

Today we played with the GHD after some Cleaning.

First up was Bob, who is really showing some improvement in flexibility and technique.  I like the fact that no matter what we throw at Bob he comes back for more with a big smile on his face.  There’s still plenty of room for improvement but Im happy with where we are at and where provided we avoid injury are headed.

Next up we had Su who did her thing this morning.  She came in stretched out and got busy today.  Im very proud of you Su I really like the depth on the Front Squats and the Cleans.  Keep up the good work kiddo, the only thing standing in your way at this point is your work schedule. LOL

Then we had the return of Jon and my man Max and we had our silent partner Raphael join us for a killer work out.  I feel sorry for these guys in the next day or two.  They went hard and we had PR’s on the Clean for Max 125lbs and Jon 145lbs both guys did great and Im really happy with your effort today keep it up gentlemen.  Raphael did a great job as well considering it was his first class, we had to scale just a little but at the end of the day I know that he got his money worth.  Over all great job by all athletes today I like it and encourage all of you to continue to push!

See you all Friday.

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