Basic Barbell+ LOE 2/7/10

Got Flexibility?

We had seven people go through todays work out. The first team of Ricardo and EdK got through todays work out without even breaking a sweat. LOL. Rick struggled with some of the lifts because of some limited flexibility; however by the third set he had loosened up enough to get a full range of motion on the OH Squats:) EdK kept the weight’s moderate worked on his form and was the picture of consistency. Overall both of these guys improved steadily from there first rep to there last. Keep up the good work guys.

Next up we had Behr. Jon, Chrystie and Cory. This team was Dynamic, everyone knew the movements and looked like they were synchronized. Behr was quite impressive today she went really heavy with the Dead Lift and Virtual Shoveling. She is getting really strong and now that she is jumping a little she is putting up weight on the Olympic Lifts. Jon as well went heavy on the HPC’s and Push Presses. His flexibility is improving but is still preventing him from achieving his fullest potential. Cory got big on the Push Presses and the Thrusters but paid for it in the third round. His shoulders gave and we had to do a little scaling to complete the last two movements. Chrystie worked on form and technique and really gave an extra effort on the Dead Lift, pressing and over head lifts.

The last person to go through todays work out was Bob. Most of todays movements were familiar to Bob so he was able to get through the entire work out using great form and heavy weights. Just like Rick and Jon before him flexibility is his nemesis and as a result he had trouble with the Sit Throughs.

I see a pattern of lack of flexibility developing and as a result I want everyone to double up on there stretching throughout the week. I am going to provide some links to stretching resources that you can utilize on your own but be advised that there will be incorporating even more stretching into our warm ups and cool downs.

Great Job today Team:)

Thank you and see all of you on friday.

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