Chatter, Silence & Cheers

Let me start off by extending a heart-felt welcome to Max and Ben

All I can say about last nights class was WOW!  It was so much fun watching the team cheer each other on and I feel privileged to have been a part of it.  We started with 9 minutes of rope and although hard, the athletes still did not really realize what they were in for, they just chatted and joked for most of the warm-UP.  We then transitioned into a Chipper that consisted of a maximum effort Box Jump/Thruster/Dead Lift/V-UP combo that left the athletes breathless.. literally.  One of our most seasoned athletes even commented on how quiet the room had got as we progressed through each round.  After a break and some light flexibility work, we started the last part of our LOE the infamous Snatch- Congratulations to Corey and one of newest members Max on there Personal Records/Best both achieved 115lbs over head and looked pretty good doing it.  I think it is only fair to congratulate all our athletes on their performance.   Angelica looked super  solid on the box jumps, Julie crushed the thrusters as did Chrystie.  Ray‘s form was awesome as he substituted some split snatches, his knee is still feeling a little discomfort .  The comradely and motivation that the athletes provided for each other was spontaneous and real, you could feel the will of the team motivating each athlete to push themselves well beyond what they would have alone.  Thank you all for your efforts and please keep it up;)

Last up was Ben.  Although initially I felt a little apprehension from him he warmed up and executed a great foundational work out and demonstrated the willingness and ability to learn and improve.  I’m very excited to work with him and look forward to great things from this young man. Don’t forget to do your homework assignment Ben;)

See you all next week.

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