Cardio Core & More…

Friday nights workout was challenging for us humans.  Jodi aka The Machine got through five rounds without breaking a sweat (ok maybe a little sweat) and maintained pretty good form throughout finishing strong with 7 rounds of the Split at 75lbs.  Cory also had another stellar performance he managed 4 rounds and finished very heavy on the Split Jerk with 155lbs Cleaned and overhead- very impressive.  Equally as impressive was Chrystie who managed just about 4 rounds and got 75lbs overhead.  I also want to give special recognition to Angelica who since joining us has really proven herself to be a hard worker with a great attitude.  Angelica went big on all her lifts and managed just about 4 rounds on the chipper, nicely done chicka keep up the good work I am really proud of you.  Last but certainly not least was my man Jon who struggled through the chipper but kept pushing until the end never giving up, truly demonstrating some great leadership qualities and tons of heart on the Jerks getting 145lbs overhead.

To sum things up great work all around still plenty of room for improvement.  Dont forget to where those sexy T-shirts for all the outdoor events:)

See you all Friday.

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