Mission Impossible

Legs and Lung’s 5k?

Well, after last nights festivities it was very difficult to motivate myself to get up this morning.  I found my inspiration by thinking about the disappointment my absence would cause the team and I couldn’t bear the thought. LOL

First up was Bob flying solo. I met up with him at 945am and ran through some sprinting drills.  Worked a bunch of body weight movements and finished with the Kettle bell Snatch test.  5  minutes straight with a 16kg bell, Bob is the Girevoy Master of Sports after his performance today.

Needless to say Max Jules and Jon had their work cut out for them.  All did there best but this workout was what I would consider very difficult.  I omitted the Burpees and even then the workout was grueling. Max did well through most of it although he compromised his entire mission as he and Jon failed to follow orders. Tammy came through with the assist as me and Jules finally caught up with Jon and Max back at base camp doing Walking Lunges as directed by the D.O.O. LOL  Jules had fun with us at the party the night before and was the first to arrive for class today. Jon displayed grit and determination struggling through the push ups, but completed every single rep.  Kudos to all of you guys just for finishing we must try this one again with a bigger crew soon.

Love U guys see you next Friday.

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  1. Julie Allen
    Julie Allen says:

    This was one of the hardest workouts that I’ve ever done, but I felt amazing afterwards. I felt like I really accomplished something!


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