I’m really exhausted from the KB workshop so I will keep it short and sweet!

To the group I want to say that I’m sorry, I think that I may have pushed you guys a little to hard and to Max for not getting back to him on time and him missing out.

I am proud of every one of you for finishing but I want to single out two people in particular, Mrs. O’Brien and Lilly.  Thank you for coming through and great job to both of you for finishing the work out.  I also would like to extend an open invitation to both of you and hope that when you guys are in town you will come hang out:)

Angelica, Chrystie, Corey, Jon, and Jules you guys are awesome phenomenal job last night you truly made me proud.  Your form technique and energy are really shinning in those photos please continue to push and you will continue to improve.  From my heart I truly love you guys.

Ben, holy smokes buddy 95lb Dead Lift with perfect form on the day you learn them is very impressive.  I see a very bright future ahead of you and I will be right there by your side every step of the way.  Kalinka thank you so much for introducing me to Ben, whether he knows it or not he is a very talented and special young man and I have in a short time become very fond of him.

There’s so much I am leaving out but tomorrow is officially my B.Day and I am really tired so forgive me for not talking about the heavy Thrusters from Jon and Corey or how Angelica and Jules are pressing redonculous weight or any of the rest.  I will overkill next friday and recognize everyone individually.

To everyone don’t forget to ice, elevate your legs, take contrasting showers of warm and cool water, stretch, and use a pain reliever if necessary.  Next week be ready for the same I learned some new Sh*t and you better be ready:) LOL

God Speed,


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  1. Cory
    Cory says:

    Thanks for a great workout Izz! Happy Birthday and we look forward to trying what you learned this weekend!


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