3 min AMRAP Double Unders

Squat– 5/5/5/5/5

2 minutes of M.B. Clean practice + PVC Dislocate

3 minutes of Shoulder Press practice

21/15/9 RFT of: 95/65lb Shoulder Press/ M.B. Clean 20/12lbs

Descending Ladder of TGU– 5/4/3/2/1 reps each


Congrats on getting through the Basics!!

We had 7 athletes graduate the Basics Cycle this Month!! Nice work

Congrats to…. Evan; Fernando; Jess; Anna; David; Jenn; & Deb

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  1. coachcanadan
    coachcanadan says:

    Great workout today!
    3 min double under AMRAP = 160 total

    Back squat 5-5-5-5-5:
    135 – 155 – 175 – 195 – 225

    21-15-9 20lb med ball clean, shoulder press:
    first 16 reps @ 75lbs, the rest at 65lbs
    Total: 8:50

    Turkish Getups:
    5/arm = 16kg
    4/arm = 16kg
    3/arm = 24kg
    2/arm = 24kg
    1/arm = 32kg
    All sets unbroken.
    Thanks to Kurt and Aaron for staying behind after class to push me through the getups!

    Also, everyone did a FANTASTIC job today at the noon class, you guys really impressed me today! Excellent job, you should all be proud! AND, you should all be posting your results!

    Coach Dan

  2. Kurt
    Kurt says:

    Tried for 225# on the bcksqt and hit it for three reps. Just couldn’t get the last two.
    On the metcon started at 85# and dropped it to 75# after 29 reps. Finished at 10:40ish.

    AND got 1.5 pood with the TGUs, and switched to barbell. Hit 75# with my right and failed with my left.

    Lotta fun today. It was great to squat heavy again. I just haven’t had the chance it sooo long. It felt great!

  3. Marina
    Marina says:

    Good noon class today!

    3min AMRAP DU = 25 ( need to work more on these)

    backsquat = 5/5/5/5/5 I went 75/85/95/95/105

    21/15/9 – MB clean/shoulder press I did 14# MB/45# bar – TIMe: 7:25

    TGU – since I did a bunch of them yesterday I went light and kept at the same weight 15lb for 5/4/3/2/1

  4. Cory OBrien
    Cory OBrien says:

    This workout was wicked haaad (little Boston for ya)

    Double Unders – 175

    Back Squat – 10@45/ 5@135 / 5@195/205/215/225/235

    21/15/9 Med Ball Clean & Shoulder Press
    Went 95# for the 21 / 85# for the 15 / 75# for 9

    Got through all the TGU’s. On the 32 kg rep for the left I dropped it going into the sit on the way down – so close. Nailed it completely on the right – new record for me. Didn’t think I would survive these after doing 42 TGU’s yesterday.

  5. Evan B
    Evan B says:

    3min AMRAP DU = 17 (sigh)

    backsquat (first ever attempt with weight!) = 135/185/195/200/205

    21/15/9 MB Clean/Press (95lb) = 10:19 (some push press in there)

    TGU = 5 (8kg), 4, 3 (12kg), 2, 1 (16kg)

  6. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    I promised coach dan i would start posting so better late than never;)
    great wod and class

    3min amrap du–127

    backsquat 165-185-205-225-235

    21-15-9 mb clean 95# shoulder press 11:48

    tgu 26#-26#-35#-35-35#-44# my shoulders were pretty blown after the presses.


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