A1: Row 90 Seconds

A2: 30/30 X 4 Row Assessment

30 Seconds Max Distance Sprint @100% Very Very Hard Pace;

Stay in the seat for the entire assessment; Use the same rower each time.

B1: For Quality-

10 Each Wall Press Banded DeadBug
10 Each Banded ClamShell
10 Banded Air Squat
10 K.B. Goblet Squat
25 USA K.B. Swing

B2: Power Clean – 8/8/8

Building up a little heavier each round (build heavy but no misses); Rest 180 Seconds Between Sets

C: Back Squat – Build To A Heavy Set of 10 Reps

T@20X1 + 10/10 @90%

*D: 3 Rounds of:

45 Seconds FLR on Rings; 15 Seconds Rest
45 Seconds Double K.B. Front Racked WallSit; 15 Seconds Rest
45 Seconds Active Hang; 15 Seconds Rest

Goal is to go UB for each hold. If you are unable to hold UB, accumulate as much TUT at each position. (UB= unbroken/TUT= time under tension