8 Minutes of Hip/Hip Mobility (Click links for details)

A1- WU- 3 Minutes Bike @70-80% RPE +
A2- NFT- 100′ Walking Lunges/100′ Bear Crawl/25 Tuck Up/25 SuperMan

B1- D.B. Bulgarian (rear foot elevated) Split Squat– 4 Sets of 5-8 Reps Each Side @ Approximately 30% BW in each/(Tempo:3/0/1/0); 90 Seconds Rest
B2- Press- 8/8/8/8 (Tempo:3/0/1/0); 30 Seconds Rest   -15 Minute Cap

Notes: Regress Split Squat to un-weighted or Sub with weighted lunge/4 Top end work sets, as heavy as possible at tempo.

*C- 5 Rounds of: 15 WallBall (20#-10’/14#-9′)
400M Run @80-90% of A 6 Minute Max Pace; 2 Minutes Rest

Notes: Keep Splits to +/- 5 Seconds

*= Complete as much as possible in time remaining.


8 Minutes Hip/Shoulder Mobility

A1- WU- 45 Seconds Row @50% RPE
A2- For Time: 500M Row @100% RPE (Damper: 0-150#’s=2/150-200#’s=3/200#’s+=4)

B- 6 Rounds of: 5 Minute AMRAP- 5-20 Toes To Bar/200M Farmer Carry (HAP)/Max Air Bike Calories In Time Remaining; 2.5 Minutes Rest Between Rounds

Notes: Keep pacing sustainable.

C- For Time: 50 D.B. or K.B. Curtis P’s/50 Anchored Ab Mat Sit Ups












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