A2: Complete as much as possible against a 5 Minute clock:

200M Jog
10 PVC Pass Through
5 BTN Snatch Grip Press
5 Overhead Squat
5 Snatch Balance
5 Snatch
Max Banded Face Pull in any time remaining

B: Snatch (12 Minutes To A Heavy Triple)

Does not have to be touch and go.

C: Clean (12 Minutes To A Heavy Triple)
D: Weighted Pistol (8 Minutes To A Challenging Single )

You should have at least 5 un-weighted pistols before attempting a weighted Pistol. If as of yet you do not, I would take this time to perfect those.

For weighted, I recommend starting with your non-dominant leg each attempt.

E: Toes-To-Bar (60 Reps) – In as few sets as possible

If 60 is too many, pick a number that is challenging but manageable for you and complete that number of reps.