A2: 200M Run +
A3: 5 Rounds of-
Every 2 Minutes:
5 Burpees AFAP
100M Sprint
Every 2 Minutes @90% Hard Pace; Rest 3 Minutes Before B
B1: Deficit Handstand Push-ups (3 X 70%)
**To create deficit place hands on 4X45# plate (2X45# plate on each side) or 2X25# plate with an ab-mat in-between
Superset with B2
B2: Muscle-ups (3 X 70%)
**Ring Muscle Ups Strict if possible

C: Bench Press (12 Minutes To A Heavy Triple)
**Ensure that you have a spotter at all times and always use thumb around the bar for grip.

D: Weighted Pull-ups (3/3/3/3)
*E: Single Arm Push Press (8/8/8/8)